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How To Make Digimon Lose Weight In Digimon World: Next Order

How To Make Digimon Lose Weight In Digimon World Next Order
One of the many requirements to Digivolve into some of the games most powerful Digimon is weight. This How To Make Digimon Lose Weight In Digimon World: Next Order guide will tell you the best, quickest and cheapest ways of lowering your Digimon’s weight so you can make the requirements for that powerful evolution.

How To Make Digimon Lose Weight In Digimon World: Next Order

As you progress through Digimon World: Next Order you will unlock requirements to Digivolve your Digimon. These can be related to specific stats, Tamer Fails and other requirements. One of which is weight. There are a number of ways to make your Digimon lose or gain weight but the easiest is through cooking. You need to progress through the main story until you are able to recruit Greymon to join your city. Once he joins you are able to get a free tent from him.

When you enter the caring screen (square) out in the world you can choose to camp. From here you can cook a number of recipes, many of which drop or increase weight by big numbers for very easy to get ingredients. Check out a few examples below for recipes that help your Digimon to lose weight. Note: You have to upgrade your cooking Tamer skill to unlock some recipes.

    Boiled Scratchy Grass

  • -2 Weight
  • Requires 1x Scratchy Grass
    Wild Salad
  • -3 Weight
  • Requires 1x Ginseng, 2x Scratchy Grass
All of the ingredients in both recipes are easy to obtain. If you’re looking to make your Digimon a little heavier, try these:

    Baby Strawberry Jam
  • +5 Weight
  • Requires 1x Baby Strawberry

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