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How To Make Gold (Money) Fast In Nioh

How To Make Gold (Money) Fast In Nioh
During the early hours of Nioh Gold may appear to be easy to come by and difficult to spend, but that changes as you progress through the game and reach the higher tiers of gear. This guide will teach you one little trick that can easily see you earning 3-4x more Gold in Nioh, simply by changing one simple thing.

How To Make Gold (Money) Fast In Nioh

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Gold, the currency in Nioh, is used for many things. Typically you won’t use much early on, unless of course you want to make your latest armor set look awesome. You can also use it at the Blacksmith for Soul Match, Forging and Reforging – all of which are vital to creating stronger gear for the higher levels of the game and even New Game+.

Typically the best way to make Gold fast in Nioh is to sell your items directly to the Blacksmith, and that’s true. However, you don’t want to sell the items as a whole. Check out a couple of items at the Blacksmith for pricing. For example, my Exotic sword sells for 3,000 Gold, not bad eh? However, if I Disassemble the item first, it becomes 4-5 different ingredients.

For this particular sword the ingredients I can sell are worth closer to 10,000 Gold. So in short, don’t sell all of your items to the Blacksmith. First you want to Disassemble them and then sell the materials you get in exchange.

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