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How To Make Heroic Events In Destiny 2

How To Make Heroic Events In Destiny 2
Public Events are an exciting activity in Destiny 2 but if you want the real rewards, you need to go Heroic. This guide will tell you How To Make Heroic Events In Destiny 2 so you can add additional tasks to each Public Event and have the chance of getting much more valuable rewards.

How To Make Heroic Events In Destiny 2

Public Events are scattered across all of the planets on Destiny 2. They come in various shapes and sizes, usually highlighted on the map once they become active. Some become active over a period of time, others are only activated when someone interacts with a flag or mission beacon. Each Public Event has different objectives that must be complete in order to proceed and continue to complete the event.

There are also hidden objectives within each Public Event, that if completed, opens the event into an Heroic Event. Below is a list of all the Public Events in Destiny 2 as well as what you have to do to make it Heroic.

Fallen Glimmer Event
Destroy all 3 of the Glimmer nodes.

Fallen Ether Event
Destroy all the small Servitors before destroying the main one

Spider Tank Event
Disable all 3 force fields. You MUST use the arc charges, it takes 2 per shield.

Witches Ritual Event
Stand on the Hex Circles then destroy both the shielded crystals. This stage comes after you kill both Wizards.

Vex Construction Event
Activate all 3 Vex Plates until they are 100%.

Cabal Extraction Event
There is a Cabal Thresher ship that patrols the area during this Public Event. Take it down.

Taken Blight Event
Look for the main blight, one that spawns lots of little blights nearby. Walk through the smaller blights and you get BLIGHT RECEDING buff. You can now damage the main blight with that buff. Kill it to make the event Heroic.

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