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How To Make 1,000,000 Gil (Money) In Final Fantasy XV

How To Make 1,000,000 Gil (Money) In Final Fantasy XV
We’ve already covered getting 1,000,000 experience in one mission but what about Gil? At certain stages of Final Fantasy XV, especially when you’ve exhausted all the hunts, it can be incredibly difficult to make money. This How To Make Tons Of Gil (Money) Fast In Final Fantasy XV offers a little trick that’s a great way of increasing your Gil count and can easily rack you up 1,000,000 in a short period of time.

How To Make Tons Of Gil (Money) Fast In Final Fantasy XV

The earlier stages of the game provide plenty of Gil to keep you going but when you get towards the more difficult content, such as the 8 hidden dungeons, you’ll be spending a crap ton of Gil on healing supplies. And there’s a good chance you’ve completed most of the big money hunts. So what’s left?

Hidden away in a corner of Altissia is an awesome little mini-game, arena battles. These battles allow Noctis and company to place wagers on monsters as they fight it out in a battle to the death. When you are victorious you are awarded medals that you can spend on various rewards. One of the rewards is a Great Garula Tusk. This item costs 2,500 medals and sells for 700 Gil to a vendor just outside the arena. For tips on earning the medals quickly check out our Final Fantasy XV arena guide.

This probably isn’t the quickest method in the world but the majority of it can be done while you’re watching TV or doing something else. Other options, such as Hunts, require nearly as much time and take a lot more attention. Simply place the wagers and do your thing. It’s not a difficult mini-game, I racked up about 1,000,000 medals in about 80 minutes, give or take. So in roughly an I can purchase 400 Great Garula Tusks and make 280,000 Gil. This is limitless, you have to buy all of the tusks and then sell the 99 when it gets full to buy more, which is a bit tedious. But having tried everything else, this was definitely the easiest way I found to make lots of Gil in Final Fantasy XV.

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