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Manor Lords Building Tips And Tricks

There are many secrets to maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in Manor Lords, and knowing where and when to place specific buildings plays a huge role.

Understanding Travel Time In Manor Lords

An image showing NPC characters walking around in Manor Lords to show players how real-time travel works in the game

The key to efficient building Manor Lords is understanding that everything happens in real-time, this includes travel. Whether you’re playing at normal speed or 12x speed, every step takes time.

Your Families need certain resources and access to certain amenities. If they need water, they will walk to the well and back home. When they need food, they will walk to the Marketplace and buy food.

They will walk to and from work. All of this takes precious time, and time is one of the most valuable resources in the game. It’s key to understand this so you can better understand the tips outlined below.

What To Build First

An image showing players the priority building queue to use at the start of the game for maximum effectiveness in the game Manor Lords

The important factors early on all circle around Approval Rating. Before you are able to attract new Families, which are the key component of growing your region, you need Approval Rating 50% or above.

Find a suitable underground water source and build a Well, be sure to check the tips section below for some advice on that front.

You want to build a Logging Camp and assign two families to it. This will provide the Timber required to expand your building efforts.

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Then you want to build enough Burgage Plots to support all of your families +4-5 more. This gives you room to expand.

Whilst you are waiting for the Timber to accrue, you will need to work on food. Whatever resource your region has, either Berries or Meat, get working on that.

Once you’ve got all of your Burgage Plots built and your key resources working, you can begin focusing on more regional-specific matters.

Building Tips & Tricks

Building Tips & Tricks

The main resources your Families are going to need regularly are the water from the Well and the supplies from the Marketplace.

Try to build your Marketplace in a centralized location with enough space for your Church and Tavern, surrounded by the Burgage Plots. This will drastically reduce the time your Families need to walk to vital resources and also make it easier to upgrade Burgage Plots down the line.

When you are constructing Burgage Plots, make sure you always leave enough room for the Extensions.

Bonus Tip

Every region is unique. If you start the game and the underground water supply is far from a centralized location, restart. Ideally, you want to ensure you have at least 1 Rich Deposit of Iron or Clay in any region.

For more useful tips and tricks, be sure to check out our Manor Lords Walkthrough Guide.

The other main time sink for traveling Families is the Workplace. When you construct resource or production buildings far outside the centralized area of your region, build enough houses at the location and assign those families to work those areas.

That will reduce the time required to go to and from work.

Always use roads. They are free to build and drastically reduce travel time. It’s also a good idea to build multiple hitches near storage locations to make transferring of materials easier.

If you have any other building tips and tricks to share, post a comment below.

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