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Mario Kart 7 Tips And Tricks

Mario Kart 7 Tips And Tricks

Mario Kart 7 was recently released and it has tons of features. One of the best features is the online play. These tips and tricks will help you take home the gold when you play. Let’s get started

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Mario Kart 7 Online tips and tricks 1 – Coins – Veterans of the series will know that coins = speed. Grab as many coins as you can to increase your speed. It has a cap on how many you can get but with each hit you take you will lose some. Try to maintain the max amount as long as you can. Also the more coins you get the more parts you unlock.

Mario Kart 7 Online tips and tricks 2 – Power Slide – Dumbed down recently but still gives you a speed boost. Hold R when taking a turn to start a power slide. Its up to you to figure out which corners are worth it and which ones are not. Get it down and you will have a huge advantage.

Mario Kart 7 Online tips and tricks 3 – Mario Kart 7 start boost – Every Mario Kart has this sop of course it is here. Right before the start of the race you can get yourself a small boost. Right when the 2 goes away on the countdown hold the A button and if you do it right you will get the small boost.

Mario Kart 7 Online tips and tricks 4 – Defensive items – Not all items have to be used offensively. A shell can counter another shell, unless it is the blue shell. The Tanooki Tail can be used to hit people near you or block shells coming at you. Try to save your items unless you need to make a move into first.

Mario Kart 7 Online tips and tricks 5 – Front of the pack – Not a good idea to be in front on the last lap. The game has a way of making it even for the less talented players by giving them absurd items. If you are in first on lap three expect to be hit with a blue shell or something else. Stay between 2-4 in order to avoid this most of the time. If you see a blue shell coming at you try to slow down so the second place person is hit as well. 😉

That will end the Mario Kart 7 Online tips and tricks and the Mario Kart 7 start boost. Check back soon for more guides!

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