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Mario Kart 8 Character List And How To Unlock All Characters

Mario Kart 8 Character List And To Unlock All Characters

Mario Kart 8 has a large roster of 30 drivers from across the Nintendo universe. You get the classics like Mario and Yoshi and some new comers in the form of the Koopalings. Check here for a full list and details on how to unlock them all!

Starter Characters

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Mario Kart 8 Character List

You will start with 16 drivers by default. You can see drivers you haven’t unlocked during races in this Mario Kart unlike in previous ones. I will list the character then the weight class they are in.

Mario – Medium

Luigi – Medium

Peach – Medium

Daisy – Medium

Yoshi – Medium

Toad – Light

Koopa Troopa – Light

Shy Guy – Light

Baby Mario – Light

Baby Luigi – Light

Baby Peach – Light

Baby Daisy – Light

Bowser – Heavy

Donkey Kong – Heavy

Wario – Heavy

Waluigi – Heavy

Unlockable Characters

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Mario Kart 8 Unlocks

You can unlock characters by getting gold in races during Grand Prix mode. They are unlocked randomly as you complete the races until you have them all.

Rosalina – Heavy

Metal Mario – Heavy

Lakitu – Light

Toadette – Light

Baby Rosalina – Light

Pink Gold Peach – Heavy

Iggy – Meduim

Roy – Heavy

Lemmy – Light

Larry – Light

Wendy – Light

Ludwig – Medium

Morton – Heavy

Mii – Your Mii – Any weight

Morton, Larry, Wendy, Ludwig, Roy, Lemmy, Iggy and Lakitu are all the Koopslings.

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So there the full list of all the Mario Kart 8 characters so far. Which character do you like to use? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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