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Mario Kart 8 Guide – Kart Stat Calculator

Mario Kart 8 Guide - Kart Stat Calculator
Mario Kart 8 comes complete with an exciting selection of potential customization options but with so many variations on display, how do we know what’s best? This Mario Kart 8 Guide – Kart Stat Calculator is a fantastic tool that gives you detailed stat breakdowns for each of the characters in Mario Kart 8 as well as the different effects each individual Kart piece has on each particular character.

You can use the below calculator to select your character and the various Kart pieces that you can unlock.

There are some minor bugs with the calculator but hopefully they’ll be sorted shortly.

We would love to give a massive thanks to Dinky Dana, their fantastic game room, and the awesome Mario Kart 8 – Kart Stat Calculator that you see above.

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  1. So I am trying to get the gold wheels and my boyfriend beat every ghost in time trials but it didn’t give them to us. Is there something were missing?

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