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Mario Kart 8 Guide: How To Unlock Gold Karts, Wheels & Gold Parts

Mario Kart 8 Guide How To Unlock Gold Karts Wheels & Gold Parts
As with its previous iterations Mario Kart 8 is overfilled with a gorgeous array of exciting unlockables. This Mario Kart 8 Guide: How To Unlock Gold Karts, Wheels & Gold Parts will tell you what you need to achieve in order to unlock these highly coveted kart parts, giving you the opportunity to really display your dominance in the field of battle! As with the customization options in Mario Kart 8 all characters have access to 3 unique parts that can be exchanged to create your own custom ride.

These parts include the kart itself, the tires and the glider options. Each of the different gold customization sections has a different objective that must be completed if players want to unlock the gold parts of that section. Below is a brief description of what it takes to unlock gold options in each specific category.

How To Unlock The Gold Kart

As you would expect from such a coveted item, unlocking the gold karts in Mario Kart 8 is arguably one of the most grueling challenges the game has to offer. In order to unlock the gold karts players must get a start in every single track in the Grand Prix mode. Furthermore you will also need to do the achieve the same on the Mirror Mode tracks. You unlock Mirror Mode once you’ve achieved a Gold Trophy in every Grand Prix Cup including 3 stars for each.

How To Unlock Gold Tires

Unlocking the gold tires is a far less time-consuming task but still quite a difficult one. In order to unlock the ability to use gold tires players have to beat all of the ghosts recorded by Nintendo in the Time Trial Mode. Do you have what it takes to beat the developers? Well, you don’t have much choice if you want a complete golden kart.

How To Unlock Gold Accessory

Unlocking golden accessories isn’t the most difficult of challenges in Mario Kart 8, it’s more automatic than anything else. Players must collect 10,000 coins during their journey through Mario Kart 8. Although this is quite an epic slog in itself coins progress naturally alongside the player so it’s not as much of a grind as the previous two gold unlocks.

If you’re struggling against some of the staff ghosts or cannot get gold on that last cup, post a message below and maybe someone from our heroic community will be able to provide some hints and tips.

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