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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Artwork Location Guide

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Artwork Location Guide
Another collectible in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the Artwork. These are hidden in chests through the worlds of Kingdom Battle. Check out this Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Artwork Location Guide to find them all.

Mario And Rabbids Art Locations

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’World 1-1′] Leafy World Location – Right after you get past the second battle you will have two paths to take. If you take the left you will run into a chest and inside you will find the Leafy World.

Geyser Goombas – This is actually in Peach’s Castle area. Go to the are opposite of the draw bridge and there is a tunnel you can take which leads to this chest.

Ancient Gardens V0 – This is in Peach’s hub area, but I think it is after you beat the game. Go to the statue that is put up after you beat the game and use the cannon to launch to a chest with this art in it.

Exotic Ford – This is also in the Peach hub area. Next, to the world 1 cannon, there is a yellow switch. Hit the switch and follow the path around, push the block and then grab the chest.

Rabbid Kong – This is in the secret chapter area of world 1. After the first battle, there are two chests, one of them has this art in it.

Baffling Blocks – World 1-2. You cannot get this until you beat the world and return. When you get to the second challenge, take a right and move the block away with your new ability and get the chest.

Chest – World 1-6, forgot to write down what was in the chest. Right before the area where you first fight the Rabbid Bruter, there is a crate you need to move. Move the crate and enter the tunnel to get the chest. It’s near challenge 8 on the map.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’World 2 Artwork Location’] Banzai Bill – I got this one in 2-4 but you might be able to get it earlier than this. When you are escorting Toad back to Toadette, you will come back to the start of the level. Right before you go to the start, take a right at the top of the ramp and there is a chest there with art in it.

Archaeo Site – Right after you take out the Rabbid with the large shield, continue down the path and take a left down to a couple blocks. The first chest has the artwork in it.

Archaeo Details – You will most likely find this chest during one of your red ring challenges. It is in 2-6 and you can find it when you get to the windy part with the wooden bridges. Pass by the stones coming out of the ground and the chest is past the next wooden bridge.

Giant Skeleton – This is in one of the chests in the area right after you do the battle with the first tornado.

Wrecking Smasher – When you return to World 2, go to challenge 2 and take the path up to the right. Follow that until you can see a small path with a coin on it. Take the path and grab the statue and return to challenge 2. Put the statue on the red platform near there and take the cannon. On the other side, there are three chests and one of them has this art in it.

Hieroglyphic – When you get to the challenge 7 area, go up through a couple more battle areas until you find a statue and a cannon. Grab the statue and take the cannon back towards challenge 7 and place the statue on the red platform. There are two chests past there and a statue. Grab the statue and push the block to access the next area easier. Go around the corner to the right and place the statue on the switch to gain access to the chest.

The Giant Fridge – This is at the end of the secret chapter in world 2. Go back to the start of the last battle and grab the statue. Bring it back to end of the battle and place it on the green switch to gain access to the chest.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’World 3 Artwork Locations’] Spooky Ziggy – After the first battle one of the gates will open and you can progress. Go down the stairs and take the left gate and follow it down to another set of stairs. Don’t go up the stairs but instead go around them for a chest with the art inside it.

Swamp House – After you return the first music box another gate will open, the blue flame this time. Go down the stairs and take a left. Enter the graveyard there and inside the chest, there is an art piece.

Odd Fountain – This chest is in the area where you meet MME Bwahstrella, the Rabbid that says DOOM. Go behind her podium and you will find the chest.

The Spooky Swamp – After you beat the Midboss you will enter 3-7 and you can hit a switch the move colored platforms around. Get the red platform the right side and take that across to a blue switch. Push the block onto the switch and the run up to the door and follow the path to the right and open the chest.

Eerie Little Square – Right when you enter 3-8 there is a little white statue you can pick up in the area. Grab it and go up the white tunnel and place it on the platform there. Go through the path that you just opened and inside you will find this chest.

Eerie Little Square – You need to rock smash for this one. Take the path with the green flames and at the bottom go right. Bust the blocks near there and follow the path down and take the cannon. Bust the rocks near where you land and inside one of the chests you will find this art.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’World 4 Artwork Locations’] Bwaaahr Machines – This is a hard one to miss. On the way between 4-1 and 4-2 there is some debris with coins circling it. IN the corner near there you can find a chest with the art in it.

Mecha Prototype – This can be found in 5-5 during the color platform switching section. It is on the left near all the coins. Get the pipes lined up to land over there and grab it.

Mushroom Tunnel – After the mid-boss you will run into another colored platform puzzle. After you clear it, push the block off the cliff near the white tunnel when you get to it. Take the tunnel and then push the block you pushed off the cliff onto the red switch. Take the next tunnel and follow the path to the end for the art.

Lava Boss V0 – This one is down quite a few tunnels after the rotating color platform part. You do need the drill power to get this one. At the end of the colored platform area, drop down the next few tunnels and cross over until you hit the rocks you can break. Shatter them and grab the chest for this art.

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