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Marvel Heroes Omega – How To Get Daredevil Free On PlayStation 4

Marvel Heroes Omega - How To Get Daredevil Free On PlayStation 4
Marvel Heroes Omega has finally hit Open Beta on PlayStation 4 and for those that backed the game previously, Daredevil is now available for free. Check out this Marvel Heroes Omega guide for how to get Daredevil free on the PlayStation 4.

The Open Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega launched just a few hours ago. Both Johnny Hurricane and myself went to grab Daredevil for free, but there was some confusion. One of us is based in the UK, the other in the US, and although the reward was the same – actually finding the item proved difficult. Below is how each of us grabbed the free hero.

PlayStation 4 EU
Go to the PlayStation Store and then select Add-Ons. From there navigate to Add-Ons For Free Games. Finally press right until you reach See All, click that. From there you should see Daredevil and his Man Without Fear Costume.

PlayStation 4 US
To get Daredevil you need to go to the PS store and go to the games tab. Select free to play and then click on Marvel Heroes Omega and you should see Daredevil and his costume at the top. If you can’t find it there, go to the Add-ons tab instead of the games tab on PSN and go to Free To Play Add-ons. Click Marvel Heroes Omega and Daredevil will be there with his costume.

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