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Marvel’s Avengers Black Widow Comic Locations

Marvel's Avengers Black Widow Comic Locations
Comics in Marvel’s Avengers will give your whole squad a minor boost that adds up real quick. Check out this Marvel’s Avengers Black Widow comic locations guide to find all of her set. This way you won’t have to wonder if you have missed one or two in a level you already played.

Marvel’s Avengers Black Widow Comic Locations

These are listed as you find them, not in comic order.

Black Widow Comic 1
The first Black Widow comic will be found during the Reassemble Campaign mission where you play as Khan in the city for the first time. Keep progressing until you get near a ramp that will need to be help up by a movable object. On the air conditioning unit before that, you will find the comic.

Black Widow Comic 1 Marvels Avengers

Black Widow Comic 2
The second Black Widow comic is found during The Road Back mission for the Reassemble campaign.While you are going through Utah, you will come across the old flying base for the Avengers. After you jump a crane, and almost fall to your death, there will be a chest you can open. Open it up and inside you will find the second comic.

Black Widow Comic 3
The third Black Widow comic can be found when you gain access to your ship. Head to the war room and in the front up the stairs you will see a yellow chest. OPen up the chest and inside you will find your next Black Widow comic and some new gear. Be sure to check out the new gear you get in there, it is a rare chest.

Widow 3 Marvels Avengers

Black Widow Comic 4
After getting Thor and Captian America, head to the hanger. On the upper level, on one of the crates, you will find this comic.

Black Widow Comic 5

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