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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Apothecary Vessels Location Guide

Apothecary Vessels are unique items hidden around the Abbey. This Marvel’s Midnight Suns Apothecary Vessels Location Guide will tell you where to find all of the Apothecary Vessels we’ve discovered in the game with a screenshot of the map and the exact location, nice and easy.

The Abbey is home to tons of hidden secrets, mysteries, and collectibles. Apothecary Vessels are one of the collectible items you can find hidden on the grounds. There are six to find in total. The Abbey acts as a central hub of operations but it’s also a constantly growing world of exploration. You gain access to more and more parts of the Abbey as you continue through the story, so if you can’t reach a location just yet, return later in the story.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Apothecary Vessels Location Guide

Glowing Apothecary Vessel

You need to complete the story mission with Agatha during Night 2 before you’re able to reach this location. You need to use the Words of Power Open to gain access to this area. You will find the first Apothecary Vessel sitting in a small basket.

Sealed Vessel

You can find this Sealed Vessel in a small basket near the fairy ring at the location above

Fractured Vessel

You need Power Word Break before you can smash through the wall here. Once you have it, return to grab this item.

Murky Vessel

Just after the Fractured Vessel, you need Power Word Break to get through another wall.

Empty Vessel

You can find this Empty Vessel resting in a basket shortly after you find the final Fairy Ring in this area.

Weathered Vessel

Directly after the Empty Vessel, you need Power Word Purify to clear the path. You can then grab the final Apothecary Vessel

You get 200 Gloss and an Arcane Key for collecting all these…. I know.

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