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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Caretaker’s Journal Locations Guide

If you want to know where to find all of the Caretaker Journal pages, this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Caretaker’s Journal Locations Guide will walk you through each location with images showing the exact spot on the map as well as the location of the Caretaker Journal in the third-person perspective.

The Caretaker’s Journal pages are one of the many different collectible items scattered in and around the Abbey. The Abbey acts much as a progressive reward system for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In the earlier stages of the game, much of the Abbey is locked, so certain Caretaker’s Journals are available sooner than others, as the latter are hidden behind areas of the Abbey you cannot yet explore. Make sure to check what Chapter you are on before looking for specific Caretaker Journals below.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Caretaker’s Journal Locations Guide

Caretaker’s Journal Locations #1

You can find the first Caretaker’s Journal entry here. There’s a bookshelf in the Chapel, you can find the journal page on this bookshelf.

Caretaker’s Journal Locations #2

You can find this journal page in the War Room. There’s a small desk in the corner of the room. The book is on top of it.

Caretaker’s Journal Locations #3

The third Caretaker’s Journal can also be found in the War Room, on another desk in the corner of the room.

Caretaker’s Journal Locations #4

This Caretaker’s Journal entry can be found on a small table in the Library, once the story grants you access

Caretaker’s Journal Locations #5, 6, 7, and 8

You can find this entry in the Caretaker’s Journal in Agatha’s house. Once you reach the house head inside, you’ll find the journal on a table in the corner of the room. There is another journal entry on the next table. Head just outside and there’s another on a table near the fence. The final one can be found in the open-plan building connected to the house, near a Tarot Card and another document you can read.

Caretaker’s Journal Locations #9,10, & 11

You can find this journal entry in her room, it opens up as the story progresses. There is one above the fireplace and another sits on the desk. The third is next to the bed.

Caretaker’s Journal Locations #12

You can find this journal entry in the Garden of Envy. You need Power Word Purify to reach this location. You’ll find it on the bench next to a statue.

Once you have found them all you unlock an Arcane Key and a Recipe Book called Black Grimoire that turns Gloss to Credits and Credits to Gloss.

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