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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Interrogation Records Locations Guide

Interrogation Records are another item hidden around the Abbey. This Marvel’s Midnight Suns Interrogation Records Locations Guide will tell you where to find each of the Interrogations Records we’ve located so far as you need to collect all 6 if you want to complete the collectibles challenge.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Interrogation Records Locations Guide

Interrogation Records #1: Martha Richards

Before you can reach this location you need Power Word Reveal. Once you have that, head to this location on the map. You’ll find the book sitting atop a small altar.

Interrogation Records #2: Margaret Adams

The second Interrogation Record, this time for Margaret Adams, can be found sitting atop another small altar here. There is a dead tree nearby surrounded with candles.

Interrogation Records #3: May Richards

You need to have Power Word Break to reach this location, which is the 4th and final Power Word. Break through the wall to find this book on a table.

Interrogation Records #4: Anne Stevens

This one is also near Gideon’s Cross, so you need Power Word Break to reach it. It’s resting on a pedestal at this location.

Interrogation Records #5: Elizabeth Smith

At this location in Gideon’s Cross, there is another wall to smash. Smash the wall and this book is sitting atop a stone platform.

Interrogation Records #6: Sarah Howe

Also at Gideon’s Cross, a short walk down the path from #5. It’s in an alcove near a document and a candle.

You get a Legendary Head Prop Skull Helm for finding all of these.

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