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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Old Midnight Suns Mystery Guide

There are several statues with eyes that glow once they are discovered. This Marvel’s Midnight Suns Old Midnight Suns Mystery Guide will tell you where to find each of the statues so you can complete the Mystery quest, Old Midnight Suns.

A Mystery is a side-quest-like objective that can be found whilst exploring the grounds of the Abbey. Each Mystery is a puzzle of sorts, challenging Hunter to find various items or locations around the Abbey. The Old Midnight Suns Mystery starts when you find and Pay Respects to one of the statues hidden on the grounds. Once you interact with a statue the eyes begin to glow and it activates another statue nearer the Abbey.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Old Midnight Suns Mystery Guide

Statue Location #1

After the Agatha part of the story during Night 2, you can begin finding the statues. You can find the first one here.

Statue Location #2

Before you can find this one you need to use Words of Power Open to reach Stone Terrace and Standing Stones. Then you can find the statue at this location, not far from a Blood Gate.

Statue Location #3

In order to reach this location you need to unlock Power Word Reveal. Once you’ve got that head to the Everflowing Glades. This statue can be found just to the South. It’s near a dead end with a Tarot Card and a Recipe Book.

Statue Location #4

You need Power Word Break to reach this location, which is much later in the game. You can find the final statue there.

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