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Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission Guide

Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission Guide

With the recent release of Mass Effect 2 on the ps3 I figured it was time to put up a guide for one of the more difficult parts of the game, the suicide mission. This is towards the end of the game so if you read this before you get there expect some spoilers… you have been warned.

First off make sure you have all the recruitable players and make sure they are loyal to you or this could get ugly very quickly. Be sure to do all their loyalty missions to get them all liking you. Then you will have to deal with Miranda and Jack with a high paragon or mid level renegade as well as Tali and Legion with high renegade score or mid level paragon score. Do these you will lose loyalty from the characters.

The first part of the Suicide mission guide for Mass Effect 2 has to be done before you go through the Omega Relay. Some of the charters you recruit will suggest upgrades for your Normandy. I personally would get all upgrades for everything including your ship unless your playing on really easy or something. Hers what you need to have for the ship in order to have everyone survive the warp.

Heavy Ship Armour, Multicore shielding and Thanix Cannon. Not getting all of these will result in one or more of your recruits dying before you even make it all the way to your destination.

The second part of the suicide mission guide for Mass Effect 2 is for once you land on the Collector station. You will be asked who you want to be your Tech Specialist and 1st Fire team leader. For the Tech Specialist you can choose Kasumi, Legion, Tali(make sure they are loyal!). For the 1st fire team leader you can choose Garrus, Jacob, Miranda. If you choose an unloyal recruit or the wrong one you will lose your Tech Specialist.

The third part to the suicide mission guide for Mass Effect 2 will be once you have to make your way through the swarms. You will have to choose a Biotic , 2nd fire team leader, and an Escort for once you find the rest of your team. For your Biotic you can choose Jack, Samara/Morinth(depending which one you have on your team.). For the 2nd fire team leader you can choose Garrus, Jacob, Miranda. Finally for the escort you can pick anybody really but the ones I normally pick to send back are Jack, Kasumi, Tali, or Mordin because I don’t use them on my team and they don’t do much on the defensive line. Choosing to send nobody will result in death for the crew. Also don’t send someone you want to help you on the final boss because the escort is not coming back.

The last part of the suicide mission guide for Mass Effect 2 is nearing the final boss. You have to pick units for a defensive line and a Squad to take with you into the final boss area. For the defensive line I would recommend Grunt, Zaeed or Garrus. They are all very strong and with them on the defensive line you will not lose any defenders. Then beat the final boss with your squad and high tale it outta there to beat Mass Effect 2 without losing any recruits and to get the trophy/achievement.

No word on how this will effect Mass Effect 3 but I bet it will play a fairly large role. Can’t wait to find out.

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