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Mass Effect 3 Armor Location Walkthrough

Mass Effect 3 Armor Location Walkthrough

Throughout Mass Effect 3 you will want to upgrade your armor to make things easier. In the last game you could buy most of your armor but now you need to search for it. This armor location guide will help you get decked out as you go. So let’s get started!

I am doing this as I go, if you know one that I don’t, let me know in the comments please.

Armor location guide – Various sets and pieces – Go to the Citadel and head to the common presidium. Check out all the kiosks there and most of them have armor pieces or armor sets. If you can’t afford them now just have them unlocked so you can buy them from your ship if you want later.

We will be starting on Palaven.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 1 – Palaven Turian Camp – From the General go to the building to the right of him. Among other things is a piece of armor. Grab it and move on.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 2 – Grissom Academy – After saving the shielding Biotic you will have to face off with some Cerberus guys. There is a generator in that room that can disable the barricades making it easier to kill them. In the next room on a bench you can see the Visor. Grab it.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 3 – Grissom Academy – After dealing with the students behind the shield generator you will be heading towards the shuttles. After you go through a door then jump a burning couch look left to get the Serrice chestplate.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 4 – Attican Traverse – There will be a point in the cave when you go down into some shallow water. Before that on the way down is a Shoulder guard. Be sure to grab it.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 5 – Tuchanka: Turian rescue – As you go through the mission you will be contacted by the Turians. They will say they are being over run. during this you will jump over a barricade. To the left is a chest plate. Grab it.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 6 – Priority: The Citadel – Once you go through the red door you will be in a room with a guard who has his back turned. He is a shield guard so kill him quickly then deal with the rest of them. On the left side of the room is the Recon hood.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 6 – Tuchanka Cure for the Genophage – Once you get out of the tanks near the ammo there will be a mask. Pick it up.

Mass Effect 3 Armor location guide 7 – Geth Dreadnaught -After clearing the ramparts Tali will say something about them getting more angry the more you kill them. You will exit the ramparts and be in a room. In that room is a visor. Grab it.

Armor location 8 – Rannoch: Admiral Koris – Right before the second AA gun on some cover is the Armax Arsenal Chestplate.

Armor location 9 – Rannoch shutting down the geth signal – Once you make it to the ladder that leads you to the upper entrance look on the floor to the right and you will find Kassa Fabrication Gauntlents.

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