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Mass Effect 3 Beating The Reaper

Mass Effect 3 Beating The Reaper

On the Quarian homeworld you will have you face off with a Reaper. He is very large and can be hard to take down if you don’t know how. This boss guide will help you bring him down in no time. So let’s go!

First off for the Mass Effect 3 Reaper boss guide is his power. He only has one more and it is a one hit quit. He will charge up his eye laser and shoot at you. Either strafe or dodge when it is close to avoid it. If you get caught up on the rocks dodge if not you can strafe to avoid it most of the time.

Another note on the fight is you have to use the fleet caller. It has to charge and take a long time to do it so expect to have to avoid the laser multiple times.

Next for the Mass Effect 3 Reaper boss guide are some tips to beat him.

First off go as far back as you can so you have a little more time to dodge the laser and you can see the surrounding areas better and won’t get stuck.

You can roll and the charge will stay the same but for the first few shots you will be fine strafing if you are far back.

Once he is really close the game will slow down and you will need to charge the canon and watch his eye. Before he fires you have to roll because you cannot strafe out of the way of this one.

It takes about 6 shots and afterwords you will have to make a big choice.

Now for the actual boss fight.

Once it starts charge up the laser and blast his eye. Dodge the lasers as you go. He will get closer and closer so be sure to be far back to avoid the beam easier.

Repeat this until he is right up on top of you. At this point strafing to avoid the laser will not work. Wait until it is about to fire then roll out of the way and with the last hit he will be down.

That will end the Mass Effect 3 Reaper boss guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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