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Mass Effect 3 Bonus Powers Guide

Mass Effect 3 Bonus Powers Guide
Like previous games, Mass Effect 3 allows you to learn abilities from your squad mates. Some of these are direct abilities they use, others are meant to compliment their skills. This Mass Effect 3 Bonus Powers Guide will list all of the bonus abilities and powers we’ve discovered so far, as well as a basic description on how to obtain them. Note, most of these require reaching relationship milestones with each of your allies, as such, it’s hard to know exactly when you’ll learn each ability as it depends on how much you’ve spoken with them and how often you take them on missions.

To learn an ability you need to head to the medical lab and interact with the bed there.

Fortification 4750c
You learn Fortification from James, no surprise really as the guy is huge. You can get access to the ability fairly early on in the game. Head down to the Shuttle Bay and go to the armory. Lieutenant Cortez is down there, the first time you’re asked to go speak with him, he’ll bring James into the conversation a few times. After this, go and speak with Jacob personally. He will ask you if you want to spa while you talk, select yes and then remain paragon throughout the spa. You should then unlock the Fortification ability.

Warp Ammo 4750c
You learn Warp Ammo from Liara. It may take a few attempts at talking to her, I unlocked this ability just after having the fight with the strange Rachni. Head to her room, the same place you exchange intel items for bonuses. If you’ve got it right you will sit down to talk as she mentions her age and her struggle dealing with the outcome of the war. You can then learn Warp Ammo at the medical lab.

Carnage 4750c
After the Cerberus attack on the Citadel, return to your quarters on the Normandy. Invite James up and suggest he joins N7, this will unlock the Carnage ability.

Inferno Grenade 4750
You get inferno grenade simply by making Ashley a squad member after Priority Citadel 2 (where cerberus attacks citadel). If you decline bring her on the normandy she becomes a war asset and both her bonus skill cant be acquired.

Marksman 4750
At some point you’ll be told Ashley would like to speak with you in the holding area on the Citadel. Go there and support her aiding her sister, then you’ll unlock the Marksman ability.

Energy Drain 4750
Invite Tali to your Captains Quarters after she boards the Normandy.

Defense Matrix 5k
After talking to EDI for the second or third time she will say something about thinking like the reapers. I told her not to and unlocked this move.

Slam 5k
You get slam from the Prothean squad member from the From Ashes dlc. I had slam in my list right after I finished that mission and completed the conversation with him.

After Ki steals the information from you and the Asari home world is lost, head back to your ship and speak with Liara. This will unlock Stasis.

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