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Mass Effect 3 Intel Guide Locations

Mass Effect 3 Intel Guide Locations

Mass Effect 3 features a large number of Intel objects that you can find on your travels. These Intel items can be exchanged for various buffs, weapon improvements and other useful things. This Mass Effect 3 Intel Locations Guide will list all of the intel we’ve discovered and what you can do with it.

Changing Intel
To change Intel into anything listed you need to go into Liara’s cabin on Crew Deck and use the Terminal. You’ll then be given a list of the Intel you’ve found. Clicking each Intel individually will give you a list of the possible outcomes of your actions. You can also highlight the upgrades option to see a list of all your current intel bonuses.

Intel #1 – Remains of Reaper Destroyer
Location: Exodus Cluster – Asgard
Effects: Power Recharge Speed +5% / 5% discount on stores

Intel #2 – Advanced Biotic Implants
Location: Ismar Frontier – Aquilla
Effects: Power Damage Bonus +5% / Recharge Speed Bonus +5%

Intel #3 – Weapon Upgrade Kit
Location: Kite’s Nest – Harsha – Verush
Effects: Weapon Damage +5% / Ammo Capacity +5%

Intel #4 – Intel from the battle of Arcturus
Location: Arcturus Stream – Arcturus – Scan just East of the sun
Effects: Weapon Damage +5% / Shields +5%

Intel #5 – Intact Reaper Weapon
Location: Nimbus Cluster – Pelion – Planet North of the sun, Trategos
Effects: Weapon Damage +5% / Ammo Capacity +5%

Intel #6 – Volus Intelligence Archives
Location: Aethon Cluster – Nura. Scan the planet directly North of the sun, Oma Ker.
Effects: Power Damage +5% / Health +5%

Intel #7 – Gallae’s Electronic Signature
Location: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery. For Liara’s mission that you can get shortly after the Cerberus attack on the Citadel. The Intel is located on a computer, once you enter the Monastery, after you’ve descended down the ladders and through the first door, it’s in the far left room, opposite to the direction you have to go for the quest. If you find a dead Asari body, you’ve gone the wrong way.
Effects: Power Damage +5% / Store Discount 5%

Intel #8 – Med Bay Surgery
Location: Not certain of this one but I think you get it after speaking with the doctor on board the Cerberus about the bottle of brandy. If anyone knows more information, please leave it in a comment.
Effects: Heal Scars / Health +5%

Intel #9 – Research Data From Pragia
Location: Nubian Expanse – Dakka – Pragia
Effects: N/A

If you’ve located an Intel item we haven’t included above, please feel free to leave some information in a comment. Simply tell is the name, area you discovered and we’ll add it to the article as well as add your name as a contributor.

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