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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Earth To Citadel

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Earth To Citadel
Mass Effect 3 is one of those games where it’s easy to miss something awesome, whether that’s a decent weapon hidden under a bench, or a vital quest towards your war assets. Follow this Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Guide from planet Earth to the Citadel.

Earth, Vancouver
James will come and get you and take you to see Anderson who will take you before the Command Council. After a talk, things will start blowing up. You’ll get a pistol and follow Anderson outside. Anderson will lead you around the outside of the building. Just follow him and run to jump over gaps.

Eventually Husks will start scaling a building and you can shoot them in the back. Kill some and then go down the ladder on the right. Down below, empty your gun at the other husks and melee to kill them instead. After you kill a few, the building will blow up. Go inside. Inside the building there’s a door with a husk stuck in it. Hold the melee button to take this enemy out in one hit.

After the rather long cutscene, you’ll be outside again. Follow Anderson more. Eventually you’ll fall. Follow the wreckage to the two soldiers and then you’ll have to fight Cannibals. Aim for the head and try to kill them quickly. Once they are dead, talk to the soldiers and then cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, go left and up the ramp to get on top of the building. Watch for the med kit on the right.

You’ll come to more cannibals. Be careful because they may use grenades. If you have any powers, they should recharge quickly because you only have a pistol. Kill them and drop down on the right. At the end, you should find the M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle and a radio. Take the first and use the second. A battle will ensue with the cannibals. If you have powers, don’t use them unless you have to. This battle ends when you run low on ammo. Before you leave Earth, make sure you set your difficulty to Insane if you want the achievement.


During cutscene onboard ship while talking to James, you’ll have Paragon and Renegade opportunities.

At this point, you can likely level up. Do so and pick powers. When you’re done, follow the ridge until it drops down. Down here will be the M-27 Mantis Sniper Rifle. You can change your equipment if you like. If you like using powers, travel light for the recharge bonus.

Follow the path and up ahead there will be some cover, get behind the cover and get ready to fight. If you have the Sniper, I found that a head shot was a good start to the battle. Immediately after your shot, I would cue up a power for each person on different targets. If you are on the left cover, be careful, attacks on the right can reach you. Also watch out for grenades.

Kill the Cerberus Agents and make your way down the hill and then up the path on the other side. This will be another similar battle except harder and without surprise. Be very careful of grenades, they’ll use a lot. Keep moving across the path away from them and you should be fine. You can also try to move your squad forward for a better angle or draw them down the hill.

After they are dead, go right and into the compound. Inside the compound, you will meet up with a friend and lose James. At this point, if you saved Kaiden from the first game and are an adept yourself, you’re probably rocking one mean team. When you regain control, use singularity to pull enemies out from behind the railing up above and kill them. It’s quite a simple exercise.

Off to the left will be a lift and nearby will be a switch that raises a hydrolic lift with a vehicle on it. Go up the nearby ramp, climb onto the boxes, jump to the vehicle and over the railing. Go to the door on your right. Take cover where it tells you to, slide right and quick-kill the enemy. Clear out this room. Watch for grenades and high ground on the right.

Once they are all dead, go through the door at back right. In the next room, inspect the desk area to the left for an armor upgrade, Ariake Technologies Gauntlets, on the wall, a med kit and some ammo. After the cutscene, go up the small steps and take the door on the right. This will get you outside.

Outside, turn left and drop down the ladder. Turn the corner left and go to the ladder at the end. Grab the Kassa Fabrication Chest plate left of the ladder, then go up. At the top, jump the gap and turn left. Go in the door and turn left to find hard to see stairs. Go down the stairs. Follow the outer ring to find a datapad on the floor. Make your way down the stairs and take cover. Make your way to the windows and quick-kill an enemy. Watch for grenades and take out the enemies inside. Once dead, hop over the divider and check the room right. Go up the stairs and go left.

In the small room, there’s a work bench to the right to change weapons. Grab the datapad by the stairs and go up them. Open the door and ambush the enemy. Nice chokepoint, make liberal use of singularity and shoot. If you have it, use pull on the guardian to take his shield. Kill them and head to the end. On the way, watch to the right for a datapad.

At the end, there will be enemies to the left. Try to push them back and take cover at the doorway. Just keep hurling bullets and powers through the door. Watch the left side for a guardian to suddenly appear. Push down the hallway and they will retreat locking you in. To exit, you’ll have to go through the room to the left. There will be a panel right of the door. Start and stop the laser field so you can move between them from the door, up the right stairs and out the right side door. Check for med kit and datapad inside the room. Go out the back right door. Follow the hall left, then right. Check near body on the right for M-23 Katana.

Open door left. Watch for turret. Bounce left and right from cover to cover. When you get to the front, follow waypoints to the left until you are out of range of the gun. Go through the door but watch for Cerberus around right corner. They won’t come around the corner for the most part so retreat if you have to. Take them out, one at a time. Watch for grenades and enemies coming through smoke.

After you kill them, go to the room on the other side. Near the glass will be a datapad and a locker just left of it which has a Sniper mod in it. Use the computer to the right.

When you regain control, direct one of your squad members into the blue circle. Place the other somewhere else. Get ready for a fight. They’ll come out of the middle section (just right of the blue circle). They should be easy but be careful, they’ll be aggressive and try to rush you. When you kill them, get on the car. Half way there, you’ll be attacked by another tram. Kill the people on it and get on their tram. Now take that to the end.

You’ll stop and fight at the dock from the tram. There will be plenty of enemies. Watch for grenades. I would stick to the left side of the car. You will have to fight shielded enemies who are not susceptible to Liara’s biotic attacks. Bring down their shields with rapid fire weapons or Overload (if you have it). Cut through the enemies and cross to the other side of the platform. At the back right will be an ammo locker with a Shotgun mod and at the back left, the M-15 Vindicator. Inside the desk area, you will find a med kid. Go through the nearby door.

When you regain control, catch Dr. Eva. You don’t actually have to deal damage. Out of the room, she’ll go into the center security area (med kit). Go in and open the gates, then follow her up a ladder. Outside you will be shot at by Cerberus. Kill the two men and keep chasing. Go to the end, right and down the small ramp. Follow her through the under area. At the end she will climb up left and up a ladder. Follow her up and chase her.

When you regain control again this time, shoot her a few times in the head until another cutscene.

Citadel Visit 1
Once on the citadel, head to the Hospital to check on your comrade. They will be in the first room on the right. Now head to the embassies and take a right once there. Go up the steps and go to C-Sec for a chat. Then go to Udina’s to be brought to the council.

Talk to the council and you’ll be returned to Udina’s. Check the Spectre office terminals. Now head back to the main area of the embassies. Talk to the reporter and you’ll have Renegade and Paragon chances. You can also talk to James here. Visit C-Sec and Udina again to “investigate” if you like.

Return to the Hospital and you can talk to two doctors. Talk to Dr. Chakwas to get her back onboard and then Dr. Michel. Head to the Normand Dock and talk to Diana Allers in the Lounge area. She’s the reporter. She can join your ship (non-combat).

When you try to get on the Normandy, you’ll have a strange dream. There’s a little boy in a white sweater. Run around until you find him. He’ll run away and then you’ll have to find him again. Once you do, the dream will end and you’ll be on the Normandy.

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