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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection
Mass Effect 3 is filled with hidden secrets and bonus items, our Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection is the easiest way to check out all our currently available Mass Effect 3 guides. We have guides for various aspects of the game including scanning and probing, weapons, armor locations and more.

Planet Guide
This guide will tell you what you can find on each planet in Mass Effect 3, as well as the hidden Fuel Refill spots. There’s a large variety of possible rewards for scanning planets, our guide includes War Assets, Intel items, credits and anything else you can discover on planets.

War Asset Guide
Discovering the War Assets adds to the strength and preparation levels for the upcoming epic war with the Reapers. Locating all of these helps a great deal towards achieving the perfect ending, and also helps provide you with nice credit and experience boosts along the way.

Weapon Mod Location Guide
A solider is only as good as his weapon, even someone as awesome as Shepard. This guide focuses on the dozens of various of weapon modification items you can discover during your exploration of the Mass Effect 3 galaxy. The guide includes locations for various weapon mods.

Intel Location Guide
Intel can be found in many places, discovered on hidden backwater planets, found during missions, or even given as a reward for a quest. This guide will tell you where to find each of the Intel items we’ve discovered so far, as well as the possible effects from the item once you return to the Normandy.

Bonus Powers Guide
As with Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 allows you to learn the powers of your allies. This guide will list the available powers you can learn, where and how to learn them and the price it costs for each ability.

How To Earn Credits Fast
Getting access to a decent armor set or great weapon early on can give you a massive advantage in battle. This guide will give you some basic information on how you can obtain lots of credits, really early in the game.

Armor Location Guide
Mass Effect 3 is filled with sets of armor, some you can purchase as a set, others you have to find piece by piece. Using this guide will help you locate all the pieces of armor as quickly as they’re available.

Walkthrough Guide List

Mission Walkthrough: Earth – Citadel
This Guest Hero Walkthrough guide will take you through the first few chapters in the game, from Earth through to your first visit on the Citadel.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough – Manea, Cerberus Labs, Grissom Academy
This Guest Hero Walkthrough guide will take you through the first few chapters in the game, from Manea through to Grissom Academy

Check back soon as we’ll update this with any new guides we create.

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