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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough – Manea, Cerberus Labs, Grissom Academy

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough - Manea, Cerberus Labs, Grissom Academy

NOTE: The Cerberus Lab N7 Mission is now available.

Make sure you’re suited and leveled up. Before you land, shoot the husks. Once you land, shoot more husks but keep moving. Be sure to hold your power button so you can see your radar to keep track of enemies. Clear the LZ and then talk to the nearby Turian soldier. He’ll point you towards the base.

First building on the left has a med kit. Datapad and M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle on middle crates. First building on the right has another datapad. Second right building has Commanding Officer. Talk to him and then leave the base to help with a comm tower. Exit the base at the waypoint and then climb up to the tower.

The tower will be surrounded by Husks. Kill them and head to the Comm tower. Send James to fix the tower and have Liara hit the Husks with Singularity to keep them from getting to you. There is space behind the tower so you can back track and kite the enemies around a little. Once you’ve killed enough Husks, James will come down. Continue fighting Husks until there are no more and the General calls you back. Go back and talk to him.

Send Liara back to the ship and then defend the base. Exit the base and go behind the nearest cover. There are Marauders here who have shields and toughen Husks and Cannibals. Use Garrus’ Overload on them and then hit them hard. Always try for marauders first because they shoot, have shields, and have support abilities making fights tougher. You will have to fight off a couple of waves. Hang in there and check your radar (power wheel) frequently. Once they are down, head back to the base. Go to the front gate and climb up to the gun.

The gun has 50 shots before reload so reload when you can. The best spots to aim are near the top of the cliffs because the Husks slow down a bunch up there. Keep killing them and eventually you will be attacked by a Brute. The Brute will knock you off the wall. He isn’t too tough except your team is a little dumb and dies frequently meaning you may have to deal with the Brute and Husks alone. Go into your weapon wheel and choose slow shooting weapons since they do more damage to armor. Warp is also useful.Also have both allies focus their attacks on it with up on the d-pad. Once it is dead, kill any remaining Husks.

From here, follow Garrus along a winding path. When you pass over some dead bodies, look down for a datapad. When you pass another group of bodies, you’ll be attacked by some Husks. Kill them and jump over a gap. You’ll come to a couple of Turians. There will be medkit and a mod pack nearby. You’ll pass by one more med kit later and then come to a new camp.

This camp is difficult. Go just inside the doors and take cover. You’ll have to fight Marauders and Cannibals. Use Garrus’ Overload and kill a Marauder every chance you can, otherwise focus on killing the Cannibals to thin the number of enemies shooting at you. They will be aggressive with their grenades so be careful. Once they are dead, climb up to the higher level. It gets worse.

You will be attacked by a Marauder and a Brute. Try to take the Marauder out and focus fire on the Brute. Back up and there will be a round area that will be protected from the Marauder’s fire for a while but big enough to run around in. Kill them both. It gets worse still.

Marauders will start swarming and the two more Brutes will come at you. It seems the Marauders won’t stop until you kill the Brutes. Focus fire on one of them and take him down as quickly as possible. Make sure to keep an eye on the Marauders who are going to keep coming. Use Overload on one every chance you can just to keep them away long enough to kill the Brutes. After they are dead, you’ll still have to clear the camp. First, turn around and check the open area behind you for a med kit and a Sniper Mod. Move through the camp and check left near a building for a Med Kit.

After all are dead, you’ll talk to the General here and then leave.

Normandy Visit 2
Talk on the Comm a little bit then enter the War Room to talk to the Primarch. Make your way to the third floor behind Chakwas Med Bay to the AI Mainframe to meet the new EDI. Go up to the flight deck and talk to Joker and EDI twice. Talk to Traynar and check your messages. Go down to the Shuttle Bay and talk to James. Go back to Crew Quarters and talk to Garrus who’s calibrating the guns. Then go talk to Liara.

Citadel Visit 2
At the Citadel, talk to Dr. Michel and Thane in the Hospital Lobby, then visit your wounded comrade. Go to the Embassy level and talk to the ambassador just to your left. Head over to the stairs and talk to Jondum Bau in the hall on the left. This will put you in the Spectre room. Check the terminal here for two new entries. Authorize the pardon for the two men (if you wish) and enable the other entry. Go down the stairs again and immediately to your left is a terminal. Use it and then use the terminal all the way across the room from that one.

Visit the Docks Holding Area. Use the terminal on your left just as you come in. Go through the blue beams and side with one of the two people arguing at the desk. Make your way through the holding area and at the end, use the terminal on the right wall. Turn around and head back. On your left, investigate the first room to find Garrus and a women selling a VI of you. Go back to the lift and just before you leave, use the terminal here again. Before you leave, make sure you explored everywhere for shops.

Go to Purgatory and talk to James upstairs on the left and Aria upstairs on the right. Once done there, head to the embassies and meet up with Jondum Bau again. After the cutscene, go to the Presidium Commons. If you visit the apartments and Narl, it will automatically trigger a cutscene as if you agreed to help Aria. This grants a Galaxy at War resource but could be construed as a “bad” action. There’s a few conversations to take sides in here as well. Check all the different shops, talk to EDI and Joker on the lower level. Talk to Liara in the café. She will send you to the bank on the Presidium to talk to a Volus, Barla Von. He will tell you about mercenaries you can save.

Cerberus Lab
A piece of Reaper Technology will be marked for you. You’ll have to go to it and deactive the force field around it, then retrieve it. On the way, you’ll have to fight a variety of Cerberus enemies including centurions (shields) and Engineers (shields + Turrets). From the landing site, go up the stairs to the left and just inside turn left. On the ground, tucked away will be a Sniper Rifle mod. A little ways past that will be a Med Station. In a room on the right side on the top level will be spinning blue wireframe people. Near one of these is an Medi-Gel formula that you can give to a doctor in the Hospital on the Citadel for a War Asset.

Go inside and fight your way to the first relic. Clear the room and use the computer to low the shield. Take the relic and another group of enemies will attack you. Kill them and make your way back to the landing pad. Drop the relic off with the shuttle.

This time, go up the stairs to the left and in the back left of the building, you will notice a room that’s mostly closed off except for two doors right next to each other. Remember this room. Fight your way to the next relic and go through the same process. Immediately run back up to this room and position your squad mates near the doors while you take cover further back in the room by the pillar. You’ll have to fight Cerberus until Cortez returns with your ride. Clear out as many Cerberus as you can, then head out to the landing pad. He still won’t be here but you’ll be ambushed again. Activate the ambush and then retreat to your safe room again. When it seems safer, use the radar on your power wheel to see how busy it is outside. Slowly make your way out, cleaning up any stragglers. Get to the shuttle and leave this place.

Normandy Visit 3
New Messages in Liara’s room. If you authorized the pardon of the two engineers, you can talk to Engineer Adams about them. Talk to Cortez or Traynar.

Citadel Visit 3
Visit the Hospital and talk to the doctor about the Hannar Medi-Gel formula you found. Talk to your companion who is now up and about. Visit the Normandy Dock and talk to Miranda. Head down to the Holding Area and talk to Darner Vosque in the W end of the area. Visit the embassies and talk to both Udina and Commander Bailey. Go down to the Presidium Commons and talk to Oraka on a bench near the café. Go to the far W end of the Commons and talk to Kannik about better weapons. Head to the Vular System in Kite’s Nest. Scan the planet Vana and return to Kannik. Then talk to Oraka again. Now go talk to the C-Sec officer at the outpost. You can choose to set her free now or you can talk to Sayn in the Holding Area near Garrus to have him take over instead. Talk to Aria.

Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation
For a squad, I would go with two people with Overload (primarily) and a good biotic (pull and warp would be very useful). The Engineers are more important. Once you land, go straight down the wall and take Cerberus Troops, then check the room to the right with the partially opened door. In the room, talk to Kaleigh Sanders (nice nod to the books). She’ll send you to help her students. Back into the hall, take a right. In the room with the window go right again.

The left branch of this room has two enemies facing away from you. Kill them both, talk to the biotic and then hop the barrier into the next room to the left. The closest desk on the left has a datapad, the middle desk ahead has a mod and the teacher’s desk at front has a datapad. Exit the door near the teacher’s desk. In the next room, stay at the back and destroy the Generator at the far end to draw enemies in. If they throw grenades, roll left and right between desks. Make sure you use Overload to take out shields. Once they are dead go through the left door they came through and pick up the [M-22 Eviscerator] on the bench. Now go through the other door and pick up the [M-96 Mattock] on the bench in the middle. Just around the left corner is a survivor. On the bench by her is the [Mnemonic Visor]. Talk to her then walk down the long hallway nearby.

The next room has the students. On the left is an Atlas (Hope you brought a biotic) and in the middle are enemies. Focus your teammates on the Atlas and make sure they keep using Overload when ready. Once the Atlas’ shields are down, use Overload on the soldiers nearby as needed and clear out the minor enemies while your team takes down the Atlas (make sure they switch weapons). Make sure you keep an eye on the Atlas though because he’s going to move around a lot and you’ll need to move from cover to cover to stay away from him

When you’re done fighting, check the corner of the room just left of where you entered, collect the datapad there and use the computer. Check upstairs for the Assault Rifle Precision Scope mod and then activate the terminal to open the door. Go downstairs and talk to Jack downstairs. This will lead outside.

The next two fights can be very difficult because small enemies will respawn infinitely until you destroy the Atlas.. You will face an Atlas, Enemies with energy shields and regular shields, and engineers that will set up turrets. Go up the ramp to the right, set one of your teammates at the base of the ramp and one closer to the top. Take a position at the middle and take down the Atlas’ shields. Set your squadmates to finish the Atlas and use their abilities to help you keep the enemies thin. This may take a while but you’ll get there. Don’t be disheartened if you die because I did quite a bit here.

After you’ve cleared the area of all enemies (including turrets), head down to the lower level and head indoors. Inside this hallway, grab the med kit to the right and check the computer on the bench to the left. When you come outside, you will find another infinite spawn area. Immediately as you come outside, check the left back area for an engineer running right. Try to take him out quickly with an Overload and biotics or bullets before he sets up a turret. After that, try to clear the lower area as quickly as possible and head for the base of the stairs. At the base of the stairs in a structure you can use for cover. When you feel comfortable, start making your way up the stairs, clearing enemies as you go. When you get to the top, the enemies will stop spawning. Go through the door on the lower level and through the door at the end of the hall.

In the next room, turn left and take out the Cerberus troops and then talk to the students. You may encounter David Archer here if you played Project Overlord in ME2 otherwise you’ll have to persuade the students that you are friendly. If David is present, you’ll be able to enter the office behind him and find a couple of upgrades and the [M-96 Mattock] again. If you took the previous one, this will upgrade the gun to level 2. Make your way to the Cerberus Shuttle and in the first hall will be a terminal on your right (by a door) that will have a [Biotic Amp Interface] for a mission. You’ll come to a room with a burning bench. Off to the left side on another bench is a [Serrice Council Chestplate].

The next room has an empty Atlas and an Engineer in it. Leave (kill) the engineer, take the Atlas. You won’t be able to use the Power Wheel or any powers in the Atlas but it’s very strong. Watch for grenades and keep moving. Use large structures for cover. Watch for enemies up high when they start appearing. The Melee is pretty terrible, skip it. Use the minigun most of the time but don’t be shy about the rockets either. They have minor homing but the lock on is fidgety. Once you’ve cleared the room, get out of the Atlas and get the Mod at the beginning of the room and then follow the others through the door.

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