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Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide
Mass Effect Andromeda boasts a massive universe filled with challenging and rewarding side quests, missions and other optional content. This Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide focuses on the Additional Tasks that Ryder can receive when aboard the Nexus, exploring planets or interacting with NPCs.

There are several different types of missions in Mass Effect Andromeda. Priority Ops are missions based around the main story, allies and relationships as based on experiences with your squad members, Heleus Assignments are the more traditional side-quests and additional tasks are more minor tasks that typically revolve around settling minor disputes, gathering intelligence or learning more about the universe.

Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide – Nexus

Getting To Know The Nexus
Hitting Rocks For Science
Missing Scientists
The Lost Brother
Path Of A Hero
Broken Wires
Comparatively Alien
Better Crafting
Boosting The Signal
Programming A Pathfinder
Beer Run
An Exile Raid
Traitor Or Victim
The Witnesses
The Angaran Initiative
Investigating Embezzlement
The Model Of The Spheres

Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide – Eos

Note: When you first explore Eos you can only get the planet to approximately 84% viability. This means there are large portions of the map you cannot explore and several assignments you cannot complete. After you complete Voeld return to Eos to have more of the planet to explore.

The Ghost Of Promise
Naming The Dead
Data Trail
Waking Up To The Future
Pathfinder Armor Crafting
Drone Recovery
Supply Loss And Recovery
What He Would Have Wanted

Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide – Voeld

White Death

Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide – Havarl

Turian Salvage
Roekaar Manifestos

Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide – Aya

Laws & Customs
Messages To The Nexus
Test Subject
Outpost Supplies On Eos
Outpost Supplies On Voeld
The Nexus Exchange

Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide – Kadara

Broken Family

We’re updating this as we go so be sure to check back soon for more in our Mass Effect Andromeda Additional Tasks Guide

Another major choice you will get in Mass Effect Andromeda is between saving the Krogan scouts or Pathfinder Raeka. One helps the Korgans out while the other helps out the Salarians. Check out this guide to find out if you should save the Korgan Scouts or save Pathfinder Raeka in Mass Effect Andromeda.
Mass Effect Andromeda is home to an exciting selection of planets you can explore and colonize. One of these planets, Eos, is home to a deadly level of radiation. This guide will tell you How To Explore Clear Eos Radiation Level 3 In Mass Effect Andromeda so you can complete all of the Additional Tasks and Heleus missions on your first planet.
During your play through of Mass Effect Andromeda you will run into a major choice on the ice planet. You have to destroy the facility and ruin the Kett's plans or free the Angara and help the Angara get their strength back. Check out this guide to find out which choice is right for you.
Mass Effect Andromeda features a challenging series of Sudoku styled puzzles in the form of the Remnant Decryptions. This Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Decryption Puzzle Guide - Restoring A World will tell you how to solve each of the puzzles on Voeld for the mission, Restoring a World.
Many areas of Mass Effect Andromeda’s worlds cannot be explored when you first reach them. This is due to story restrictions and often, radiation systems. It’s advised that you complete a planet fully before trying to complete all of the side content at that location.

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