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Mass Effect Andromeda Planet Scanning Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Planet Scanning Guide
Scanning planets in Mass Effect Andromeda can be a long and tiresome tasks. If you want to cut time and you’re wondering what each planet contains check out our Mass Effect Andromeda Planet Scanning Guide for a list of all the systems we’ve discovered in the game and what secrets, materials and other valuable items can be found at each planet.

The Mass Effect Andromeda Planet Scanning feature offers lucrative rewards but it’s frustratingly slow due to the travel times between each of the different systems and planets – even if the vistas are fantastic. You have to approach each planet or space anomaly at least once in order to reach 100% completion of a particular zone but if you’re not too bothered about reaching that stat, or you’re after some specific loot, our Mass Effect Andromeda Planet Scanning Guide lists all of the systems we’ve discovered, the different planets and the potential loot you receive for exploring the system.

There are several methods of finding rare and valuable items when planet scanning. First, when you arrive in a system for the first time, pay attention to see if you hear “anomaly detected” or something similar. This means you have to scan the system itself, not an individual planet, in order to find certain anomalies – such as black holes, Element Zero deposits etc. Then when scanning a planets you can tell instantly if there is loot as again you’re given the “anomaly detected”. If you scan a planet and don’t hear any comment, there’s nothing there.

Below is a list of what every planet contains and what system they are in.

Mass Effect Andromeda Planet Scanning Guide

Zheng He System
Eriksson System
Pfeoffer System
Pytheas System
Onaon System
Sabeng System
Nalesh System
Nol System
Joba System
Faroang System
Jirayder System
Govorkam System
Solminae System
Anasa System
Zaubray System
Tecunis System
Vaalon System
Hefena System
Remav System
Tafeno System
Shojoan System
Togessan System
Darhegah System
Kindrax System
Skeldah System
Faross System
Civki System
Ratul System
Vaar System
Rohvir System
Meos System
Bosavay System
Vaotessa System
Layan System
Saajor System

We’re updating this as we go so be sure to check back soon for more in our Mass Effect Andromeda Planet Scanning Guide

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