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Mass Effect Andromeda Morality Tone Choice Guide – Conversation Choice Icons

Mass Effect Andromeda Tone Choice Guide - Conversation Choice Icons
One of the many changes with the release of Mass Effect Andromeda is the removal of the traditional Paragon and Renegade point system. The new feature is more diverse, offers more choices, resulting in more potential outcomes and impacts on the world around you. This Mass Effect Andromeda Tone Choice Guide – Conversation Choice Icons will tell you what each of the symbols mean as it’s quite easy to miss the graphic in the opening scenes of the game.

When you first begin your journey in Mass Effect Andromeda you are introduced to the new Tone Choice system early on but past that, you’re only given the small images within each of the conversational choices. It’s quite easy to forget what the different conversation choice icons represent so we’ve got a handy little guide here to help you remember.

Mass Effect Andromeda Morality Tone Choice Guide – Conversation Choice Icons

There are four different icons that represent the different choices Ryder can make in each conversation. The heart is an emotional response, the gear is a logical response, the circular spiral is a casual response and the squared spiral is a professional response. There’s a few ways you can remember each icons purpose. The heart is obvious as emotional. Think of gear as machines, they approach situations logically. A circular spiral is more flexible and casual while someone who is “square” could be seen as professional and boring. Whatever works for you.

Failing that, you can just use this simple cheat image below:

Tone Choice Icons

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