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Saints Row IV Guide – Matt Miller Loyalty Mission Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - Matt Miller Loyalty Mission Guide

Want Matt Miller to be your Super Homie in Saints Row IV? Follow Gamers Heroes’ guide for the Matt Miller Loyalty Mission and you can add this dude to your crew.

Matt Miller’s Loyalty Mission “Loyalty – NyteFall” will be available once you free him in the story mode. Go to the Quests Menu and choose “Join Matt’s Adventure.”

Meet Matt Miller

Head over to the northern part of Steelport – Port Pryor at meet Matt Miller at the Three-Count Casino. He will let you know that you will be stripped of your superpowers, so plan accordingly.

Kill Minions

You will then have to deal with an onslaught of zombies. To take down the undead, melee them to oblivion, or pull out your weapon of choice and headshot them — they go down in one hit.

Leave Casino / Get in Car

After clearing out the undead horde, meet up with NyteBlade outside the casino and follow him in the NyteBlayde car to Steelport – New Baranec.

Kill Attackers

Take down the Cyprian Order using your weapon of choice. If you want to dispose of them quickly, use the guns in NyteBlayde with R1.

Get in Car

Follow NyteBlade to Steelport – Yeahwood to the spot near the church.

Kill Zin-NyteBlayde

Be careful of Zin-NyeBlayde’s telekinesis, super jump, and guns. Use the Dubstep gun right as he lands to give yourself ample time to charge up, and rely on the Shokolov as a backup.

Once he has fallen, the mission is complete and Matt Miller is now your Super-Homie – congratulations!

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