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Medali Gym Test Order Secret Menu Guide In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

The Medali Gym Test requires you to order a secret menu item. This Medali Gym Test Order Secret Menu Guide In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you how to solve this puzzle so you can complete the Gym Test and then battle against Medali’s Gym Leader to obtain another Gym Badge.

This is one of the more complicated Gym Trials. You need to order a special secret menu items from the famed Treasury Eater. This involves ordering specific items in a series of questions to eventually create the secret menu dish, but first you need to get the clues from the other Gym Test participants.

Medali Gym Test Order Secret Menu Guide In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Head inside the famed Treasury Eater and speak to the man wearing all black with black hair, he is sitting at the counter at the back of the shop. He will tell you about the garnish: Lemon. Then, head outside. Directly opposite the Treasury Eater there is a small girl with pigtails. She’s one of the participants. Defeat her to get another clue. Look for the odd one out at one of the ice cream stands. If you then head to the nearby ice cream stand you will see Grilled Rice Balls.

Then head to the North side of town, there’s a small amphitheater here with another Gym Trial participant. Defeat her to gain the next clue. Look for a dark spot surrounded by stairs. Head down the stairs in the amphitheater and inspect the metal grate, you get another clue, Fire Blast.

From outside the Treasury Eater restaurant follow the road South to all the row of shops. You’ll find the other Gym Trial participant here. Defeat him and you get another clue, the blue bird Pokemon. Just down the road from him you will see a man in a motorcycle helmet with a blue bird on his head. Speak to the bird, he says Meedyum. So the clue is Medium.

So in summary, the clues are:
Grilled Rice Balls
Fire Blast

Simply approach the man inside the Treasury Eater at the front and give him those answers in that order.

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