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Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Guide: Finding Paz Guide

After you get Chico and bring him to the landing zone you will get a tape that helps give you clues to the whereabouts of Paz. Locating Paz is the second part of the mission and once you rescue her the mission is over. This guide will help you find Paz with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Finding Paz


After the chopper leaves with Chico you will automatically hear the tape and get a few clues. Look on your map and you will see two red landing zones west of you. One is in front of three little buildings and the other is in front of a large compound. The large compound if where Paz is being held so head that way. Be sure to keep to the shadows and grass as you work your way up to the base.

Once you make it to the road you will have a guard standing around and a truck parked on the road with a guard near the back of it. Wait for the guard near the truck to start walking towards the driver seat then use a clip to distract the other guard so you can jump in the back of the truck. Lay down and once you are in the truck wait until the drivers goes to the base and parks it. Once he parks it give it a couple seconds and switch to crouch and check around. Once it is clear go to the gate and open the door with the switch, the guards outside don’t seem to care very much.

Outside you can look left and see a red door, go through that and there is a guard and a camera inside. I took the guard out with CQC and hid the body in the dark. After that watch for the camera to point towards the door and go around it and down the steps, do not take it out because that sets them off. Down the steps you will have two guards patrolling the area. Wait for them to pass then head down the next set of steps down to what looks like a bunch of generators. Paz is in this room and I had no guards in here but still check before trying to free Paz.



Like Chico you need to get Paz onto the helicopter so you can beat the mission. You can use any helipad you want but the close ones require you to blow up the AA guns and that will alert everyone so we will go to the one we used with Chico. Head back to the steps and listen to the guards chatting about how they should check on Paz and about how the gate is open. One will go up the steps so you need to be sure not to get to close to him and also watch that camera! While I was watching the two guards up here they noticed Paz was missing and that put them into alert status. The guy you followed up the steps should go through the red door and the other guard should be out of sight so go through the red door with Paz.

There will be a guard waiting outside the door and you need to get him out of the way with a clip. There are a ton of vehicles and spot lights to the left so you will need to trek across the helipad to the other side to avoid them. Use a clip to get the guard out of you way and cross the road and then keep to the shadows and cross the helipad until you reach the dirt and grass. If you remember where you go in the truck at this is where we are headed.

You should see a building with a blue door and a guard waiting in front of it. You want to go to the left of this building so you can get down to the road again and head under the bridge. Use a clip to distract the guard when you get close and go around him to the road. On the bridge you can see a guard watching the road, he goes away eventually but if you don’t want to wait just toss a clip and distract him. Watch out for the large vehicle that comes down the road, hide above it to avoid being seen.

Big Boss Hidden

Once you make it under the bridge you will have two guards waiting at some barricades, sneak right behind them and down the road. A jeep will head up the road at this point so crouch in some bushes to avoid being seen. At this point leave Paz in the bush because you are going to have to get your hands dirty. Go up the cliff on the left and you can see two guards between you and the landing zone. One of them will go towards the ocean and stare off into the distance, once this happens take the one out in the guard shack. Once he is down take out the other one and head down towards the landing zone, there is a guard on the rocks around here to take him down. Go grab Paz and head to the landing zone and call in the chopper. They will see the chopper when you call it in due to the alert but at this landing zone they can’t shoot you down.

I’m sure there are a ton of ways to do this but this is the way I did it, if you have another option leave a comment below!

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