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Metal Gear Survive Easy Food Trick

Metal Gear Survive Easy Food Trick
Managing food is difficult but there’s an easy, and slightly boring trick, that can really help. This Metal Gear Survive Easy Food Trick guide will tell you a quick way of getting 25% food for free and then farm animals for more food afterwards.

At the beginning of the game food is scarce but it’s around. You get map notifications giving you rough spawn locations of animals and it’s at least manageable for a while. However, more than likely, you will reach a point where you are starving to death and don’t even have enough food to keep looking for more. That’s where this Metal Gear Survive Easy Food Trick comes into play.

All you need to do is go back to your base of operations and join an online lobby. This transfers you to the multiplayer area of the game but it also makes sure your food and water are at least 25%. So if you’re starving <10% of food, jump in and out of a multiplayer lobby and you will get a boost up to 25%. While not fantastic, it's enough for you to keep exploring as you find the best ways to get food and water. You can also use this as part of the trick to get animals to respawn faster.

Have any other food tips to share? Post a comment below.

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