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Metro Exodus Upgrade Location Guide

Metro Exodus Upgrade Location Guide
While you don’t level up in Metro Exodus, there are upgrades to be found in the world. Check out this Metro Exodus upgrade location guide to make sure you don’t miss any. Some of these upgrades are game changers.

Metro Exodus Upgrade Location Guide

Wrist Compass Upgrade
Ammo Pouch Upgrade
Throwing Weapons Harness Upgrade
Reinforced Helmet Upgrade
Night Vision Upgrade
Motion Sensor Upgrade
Extra Bright Flashlight Upgrade
NVD Amplifier Upgrade
Want to find all of the different Postcards collectibles in Moscow in Metro Exodus? This Metro Exodus Moscow Postcard Location Guide will give you the location of each Postcard scattered throughout the area.
Crafting is a vital part of Metro Exodus as it lets you craft new items and repair weapons. This guide will tell you Where To Find Crafting Workbench In Metro Exodus as although they are scattered around the world, they are not always easy to find.
Once you unlock your backpack you can use it to craft certain items, like medkits. This guide will tell you How To Craft & Use Your Backpack In Metro Exodus, as the game doesn't do the best job of explaining how it works.
Want to take off your gas mask in Metro Exodus? It has a lot of benefits and in this guide we'll tell you How To Remove Mask In Metro Exodus. There are many threats and dangers in the world of Metro Exodus, one of the deadliest is the high levels of radiation in outdoor areas.

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