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Metro Last Light Guide – Artyom’s Diary Pages Location Guide

Metro last light released on 5/15/2013 and is a game with 43 different collectible notes. This Metro Last Light Collectibles Guide will go over how to pick all of these up and collect the “First Draft” and “Published” achievement or trophies. There are usually only one or two collectibles per chapter and you will probably find most of them on your first path through. Hopefully this guide helps you pick up the few notes that you missed. If you have a better description or know how to find some of these pages easier, let us know in the comments! This is a work in progress and we will post all of the notes as soon as we find them.

Chapter 1: Sparta
  • Note 1: After meeting with the captain like dude you will have to follow Anna the sniper. Before going up the elevator look on the chair just to the right of the elevator.
Chapter 2: Ashes
  • Note 2: After climbing on top of the train and exiting you will have to go up some stairs. Go to the end of the hallway and burn the spider webs with your lighter. The note will be by a dead body on the right.
Chapter 3: Pavel
  • Note 3: After getting three throwing knives from the dead hanging man look around the room for some boxes. There will be a note sitting on top of the boxes.
Chapter 4: Reich
  • Note 4: At the beginning of the chapter look for a desk just in front of where you start. There will be a note on a desk.
Chapter 5: Separation
  • Note 5: There will be a battle scene between some dog like things and the sniper shooting down over you. Look for a building next to this arena like area. On the second story of the building there will be a page for you to collect.
  • Note 6: Eventually you will come across someone who will surrender as soon as he sees you. Look on his desk in his room to find a note sitting on it.
Chapter 6: Facility
  • Note 7: Towards the end of this section you’ll need to flip a switch to activate a lift. Look around after clearing the enemies and there will be a small room off to the side of the path that has a desk. The note will be on the desk of this room.
Chapter 7: Torchlight
  • Note 8: After going on top of the metro train look for a skeleton on the right. There will be a diary page sitting next to the skeleton.
  • Note 9: Right when you are given the task to charge a power station you will be separated from Pavel. During this section there is a ton of the nasty spider things. Right after leaving Pavel look for a dead body on the left that has a page of the diary sitting on it.
Chapter 8: Echoes
  • Note 10: At the start of this chapter you should be able to see a bar. The note will be on the left side of the bar from the start of the mission.
  • Note 11: Fix Pavel’s mask after he has a flashback on the creepy plane. Check directly to the right of Pavel and there will be a page of the diary on the ground.
Chapter 9: Bolshoi
  • Note 12: Directly after getting into the chapter Pavel will tell you to go enjoy yourself while he meets with some contacts. Directly after going through a little curtain thing there will be a page on your left.
  • Note 13: Just before going into the theater there will be a page on a bench right next to the entrance.

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