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Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor Guide: Hunting Challenge Guide

Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor Guide: Hunting Challenge Guide

In Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor you will have hunting challenges you can complete for bonus EXP. This starts off easy but quickly becomes much more difficult. This guide will help you find the creatures you need to hunt so you can complete your challenges.

Hunting Challenges In Shadow Of Mordor

Spiders – You will need to kill 3 spiders in Mordor. They are little spiders so use focus mode to see them skittering around. They are in every region but you can consistently find them near caves.

Flying Creatures – A bit more difficult but once you find a spot you can farm them. Go to the Black Road and take the north path to the mouth of the cave. Before you enter the cave look up to see a ton of bats just chilling. Take out your bow and shoot them, I also found my last spider here. The bats will be flying at night so this needs to be done during the day.

Caragors – Now they start fighting back. Caragors take two head shots from focus mode to bring down. The Durthang Outskirts Stronghold has multiple Caragor cages so you can hunt them there. Do this one at a time in case some Orcs try to get join in. You can also dominate them if you have the Ride Caragors ability and kill them that way. I did this one during the day.

Rats These don’t fight back but they can be hard to find. I went to the Tower in The Black Road and directly north of there are some ruins. Down there you can find all the Rats you will need to complete this challenge. Remember while you are in focus vision it is a lot easier to see the tiny animals. I think this can only be done at night.

Ghuls You won’t unlock this mission until you face the Ghuls in story. I had all my hunts finished up to this point so when I fought them during the story mission I was able to complete this one. They can be found right below the Tower in Southern Udun Pass. This has to be done at night.

Bats – If you did killed bats for the flying creatures hunt then you know where to go. If not go to the Black Road and take the north path to the mouth of the cave. Before you enter the cave look up to see a ton of bats just chilling. The bats fly at night so do this during the day.

Graug – This is basically a troll. You have to be careful here because it will be a long fight and Orcs can still the kill from you. Warp to the Barrows Of Udun tower and from there you should see a Gruag near the cave mouth. You can also find one near The Black Road tower as well. I’m not sure how you would win without using Orcs but that’s how I beat it. I let the Graug fight Orcs while I waited for it to get to 25% Hp then I shot it twice in the face with a fully charged arrow. When it dropped I unloaded with my melee attack until it got back up again. I ran back away and let it focus on the Orcs again. When it was at about 5% I shot it twice in the head again and on my second shot it died and I beat that challenge. If you can sneak up behind the Graug and attack its ankle it will lose a lot of HP.

If this is proving to be a bit too difficult you will face a Graug later in the story. When you get the ability to mount a Graug challenge becomes MUCH easier. I found my Graugs during the day.

Dire Cragor – You can find the Dire Caragor in Celon Poros. Use your wraith vision and you and check near the ruins. He will be red in the wraith vision instead of blue like the other Cragors. He will not be alone so kill his buddies first than focus him. Head shots and focus will bring him down quickly but I actually killed him from near death. I think if you can get an execute on him you can one shot him also. I did this during the day.

Ghul Matron – You might of already faced one of these during a weapon upgrade challenge. Go to the cave in Harad Basin, the one you found the dwarf at earlier. Inside, at night, Ghuls will spawn in waves. After the third wave a Matron will come as well. I used my sword special and clear her out quick but if you don’t have that use focus arrows until you have an execute. It’ll take two but this one is pretty easy at this point.

Horned Graug – Now that you can mount Graugs this is a lot easier. Go to the Fern Outskirts during the day and there should be one roaming around near the Tower. Sneak up on him and cut his ankle. Once you do that do the double head shot and mount him. Use him if you want but if not just kill him to complete all the hunting challenges. I did this during the day.

I am doing this as I go along so I will update it when I beat more story missions and have more available.

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