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Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor Guide: Weapon Upgrade Guide

Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor Guide: Weapon Upgrade Guide

Weapon upgrades in Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor come in the form of challenges on the map. Some require certain upgrades before you can start them and others just have a challenge for you to complete. This guide will help you get all the weapon upgrades as soon as you unlock them on the map!

Bow Upgrades In Shadow Of Mordor

Sadly after I got all of the upgrades my weapons didn’t change or get any stronger. I’m not really sure what of these are outside of getting 100% completion rate.

Swift Mercy – All you have to do is quick shot 15 Orcs from a ledge. Just aim and tap the trigger to fire arrows quickly. When you run out of arrows leave focus mode and you will have some right on top of you. After you kill a few a ton will gather around so just aim into them and you will get 15 with no problems. If anyone notices the name of the mission please let me know.

Shadow Under Siege – You can find this challenge in the Durthang Outskirts Stronghold. Just sit in the green circle and shoot the barrels near Orcs to complete bonus for this one. If any start running at you kill them in the circle. Make sure no one raises the alarm! After you use all the barrels just pick off any extra Orcs you need.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel – This challenge is located on The Black Road. Another really simple one and all you have to do is kill all the archers. The bonus is to get 10 head shots which is actually kind of difficult because they move around a lot. I would charge up my shot fully and make sure it was on their heads before I took the shot. If you get all 10 head shots you don’t need to use the bow anymore and you can rush the archers as long as they are in the circle. I had a high level any Orc roaming around this area so I had to rush my last three archers to win.

The Eye Of Vengeance – All you have to do is kill 5 Uruks at close range. The bonus is to do it in a minute. Just run out and have them come to you and with focus you can drop 5 in a minute with no trouble at all.

The Storm Of War – When you start this mission mount the beast and head to the patrol. You have to get 10 scouts at 3 different locations within 5 minutes. This is simple just roll up, stop, and take your shot. When you need more arrows dismount near some Elf-arrows and grab them then remount.

Shdaow Of Mordor Bow Upgrade

The Secret Flame – When you start enter the cave then run to the check point on the map. When you get there use the explosive barrels to blow up the Ghuls. Make sure you have a decent group when you use a barrel because there are only so many. Also remember the explosions don’t hurt you so you can sit by one and let them swarm you. The bonus is to do it in less than 5 barrels which is easy if you stand on top of them and wait for the horde to get to you.

Shadow And Flame – This one is really simple. All you have to do is use explosive barrels to kill 30 Uruks. To avoid being hit just take a shot at a barrel and move so any stragglers can’t hit you.

There Is No Escape – All you have to do for this one is stop 5 Uruks from reaching the fort. Use your focus and be sure to pin 3 down for the bonus. After you kill them you win.

Jaws Of Steel – You need to kill 10 Uruks without entering the fort. You can do this with range or knock over the Caragor bait for the bonus.

The Spirit Of Fire You will need the fire arrow in order to do this one. The objective is to kill 5 Uruks with fire arrows. You need to charge up your combo meter and use the fire arrow attack on the Uruks. The bonus is to use fire arrows on the explosive barrels so avoid shooting those until you fill up your combo meter. I killed Uruks with focus until I had my combo meter up then I used the fire arrows on the explosive barrels which wiped the floor with anything around and rebuilt my meter. If you want the bonus objective focus on that first then use the fire arrows on Uruks. You are not timed for this one so take it slow.

Dagger Upgrades In Shadow Of Mordor

The Mithril Blade – This upgrade can be found in The Black Gate area. The objective is to kill 10 slavers in stealth mode within 3 minutes. The slavers are pretty much in a line so stealth run to them and take them out. You can kill them back to back if they are near each other just double tap the attack button. You can run right up behind them in stealth mode and they won’t hear you. There are more than 10 so if one looks iffy and you think he might spot you just skip him.

Clear The Skies – Located in the Durthang West Stronghold. You need to kill 10 archers without setting of the alarm so there is no time limit. They are all near ledges so the bonus of getting ledge kills is easy. If one is near a ledge but not close enough use attract to lure them in.

Display Of Power – You need to brutalize a certain enemy without being seen. Cross over the rope bridge towards the target, take out the archer on the other side with your bow so he doesn’t alert anyone. Go through the little hallway and there will be about 5 Orcs that you can see. Take them all out with head shots and head to the target. Once you have a clear jump use Brutalize on him.

The Wraith – All you need to do is stealth kill 5 Uruks and the bonus is to kill 3 of them with Strike from above. If you want the bonus just go above 3 Uruks and drop down onto them.

Deathly Whisper – You need to lure in 5 Uruks and kill them when they get close. The bonus is to avoid detection which is pretty easy. I just got close to one then I used attract. Before they would fully turn around I would stealth attack them.

Shadow Of Mordor Dagger Upgrade

A Knife In The Dark – I really dislike missions like this. You have to kill every Uruk in the area without being seen. Start on the high ground and take out all the archers up there. After you take out all the archers in the first area the Uruks below will be vulnerable. Go slow and take them out one by one. The bonus is to stealth brand the shield Uruks. You can do this is you want but like I said I hate this kinda of missions so I just wanted to complete it.

In the second area watch for the patrolling Uruks. When you can you should take them out first so the rest will be stationary. Leave the two watching the bridge for last. When it is just them go to the bush behind them and attract one. Once he is close kill him and finish of the second one to win.

Shadow And Steel – You need to kill 5 Uruk defenders without raising the alarm. The first one is near a fire with a buddy. Air strike him and take out the other Uruk before it can run away. Take the ramp down towards the next one and do an air strike on him as well. The next one on the bridge has a Uruk patrolling near him. When the patrols have passed him take the defender out from behind.

Use the ledge to sneak around near the next defender and climb up above him. Do you air strike and finish the bonus here. Use the ledges to sneak past the rest of the Uruks to the last defender you need to kill.

The Darkness Within – You need to make it to a certain area without killing anyone or being caught. Just stick to the high ground and avoid killing any enemies. After that you will need to stealth brand all the marked archers. They still want you to avoid killing anyone for the bonus. Use the high ground and ledges to sneak around all the Uruks. Remember just because you can’t kill the other Uruks does not mean you can’t brand them to avoid dealing with them. Use attract on any iffy ones, having them come to you is sometimes easier than going to them.

After you brand all the Uruks a patrol will come that you need to kill. Wait for them to get near the fire and blow them all up. Almost makes me wonder why I even had to brand the others.

The Scouring Of The Shadow – Another extremely annoying mission. You have to kill all the torch bears near the Ghul nests without being detected. The bonus is to use attract of distract on Uruks. Stick to the roofs for this one because if you are spotted you need to completely restart. What I would do is use my bow to kill half of the torch carriers then attract the others and kill them with stealth attacks. If you don’t care about the bonus just use your bow. Honestly the best option is the bow for this one because there are just way to many Uruks roaming around to try anything else.

Fatal Secrets – Just follow the messengers around until they make a target green then kill them with Lethal Shadowstrike. Use your bow to kill any Orcs that end up in your way. This is another you get detected you lose mission. If you run out of arrows find a single Orc and brand him to refill some. After you take out the green targets you need to kill the messenger, a head shot will do the trick.

Sword Upgrades In Shadow Of Mordor

The Fell Beast – This one is found in the Barrow of Udun and you need the Ride Caragors upgrade to start it. Once you start dominate the beast and ride to the first Guard. The closest one if the one you will want to ride to first. To complete the bonus object knock an enemy down first then bite them with the Caragor. The beast can sprint too so use that to catch these guys before the time ends.

Cutting The Lines – You will need to kill some Uruk recruits in this mission and the bonus is to execute 5 of them. If you want to do the bonus make you have the skill Execute. I had a bit of an issue here when I let one of the Orcs sound the alarm so if you see one running to do that take care of him ASAP. I also recommended taking out any enemy Orcs near the recruits outside the fort. Use the fire outside by luring out some of the recruits.

Arise – You will need the Combat Drain skill to do this one. All you have to do is fight off an Ambush of 40 Uruks. You can use the Combat drain to unlock the bonus if you want. Just use the explosive barrels and the fires to stop the enemies. Use Guerrilla tactics after that hit and run. Focus on the shield guys and once they are down you can combo down the rest.

Nameless Things – You have to clear 3 Ghul nests and the bonus is to kill 10 with a single Wraith Flash. This one is very simple just go in build up your combo and do the Wraith Flash to complete the bonus. When you fight the Matron just do hit, hit, dodge. When you have a combo use Wraith Smash to deal with the adds.

Into The Pit – You have to kill 50 enemies and try to get 100 combo streak. The combo streak is going to be on you but be sure to switch up your attacks and dodge.

Shadow Of Mordor Sword Upgrades

The Red Tide – All you have to do for this one is clear the Uruks from the docks. Save you executes for the defenders and use the fires to build up your combo meter.

The Dark Rider – You have to kill all the Uruks to stop the executions. The bonus is to finish off 5 Uruks with a Caragor bite. To do this just knock them over and bite them with the Caragor.

Bane Of Shadow – You need to kill 3 elite guards with a bonus objective of killing 25 normal Uruks. The guards are marked on the map. They are located in the Orc fortress so killing 25 is simple enough if you want to do it. I killed 2 of the elite Uruks and finished 25 normal ones before facing the last elite one. They say elite but they are really just normal Uruks, head shot them to finish them.

They Shall Not Pass – All you have to do for this one is stop the torch carriers. They will be marked on your map so anytime they get close make them the priority. For the bonus just grab a Uruk near a ledge and let him go to toss him over.

Power Of The One – You need to Brand some Uruks and let them kill each other. For the bonus just build up your meter and do the combat brand as soon as you can. Once you complete both objectives kill of all your branded Uruks. Make sure none of you branded generals are around or they will die also!

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for more updates.

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