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Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Fight Pits Guide

Middle Earth Shadow Of War Fight Pits Guide
Ever wanted to see Sauron’s most powerful beasts battle to the death? Well, now you can. This Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Fight Pits Guide will tell you everything you need to know to master the pits, level up your Followers quickly and reap the rewards of a champion of the arena.

Before you are able to unlock the Fight Pits you must first unlock the ability to recruit an army. Once you’ve got to Chapter II, that opens up. From there you need to progress with the story until you take your first Fortress. Once completed, a new objective appears nearby. This leads to the Fight Pits. Every region has a Fight Pit and although there are differences in challenges and rewards, the basic principles are the same.

Middle Earth Shadow Of War Fight Pits Guide

Once you have unlocked the Fight Pit in each region you can visit them at any point to take part in the Fight Pits. These are automated 1v1 duels between an enemy and any Follower you choose – although they cannot be assigned as an Overlord. It’s a fight to the death. If your Follower loses, they are lost. However, you can attempt to Dominate the survivor after the match. If they win, they receive a few levels as a reward as well as a piece of gear.

There are three difficulty levels to each Fight Pit. Once you win a fight in a difficulty, you unlock the next. Just look nearby for another mission point. The difficulty scales, as expected, but the fundamentals behind victory remain much of the same.

The trick to winning Fight Pit battles is a bit of research at the start of each battle. You are always shown your opponent before you pick your Follower. ALWAYS INSPECT YOUR OPPONENT. You may have two that appear nearly identical but they can have very different traits each battle. The level is the second most important factor but it’s not crucial. With the correct Follower choice you can beat something 5 or sometimes even 10 levels higher than you. Don’t feel the need to fight every opponent, if you don’t have a counter – don’t take the fight. Below are some examples of picking opposing traits to greatly increase your chance of victory.

Middle Earth Shadow Of War Fight Pits Guide Example 1

For this fight against Rash the Cut-Throat I checked his details. He has a Mortal Weakness against Caragors, making him flee in terror. I also checked his hates and he is enraged by poison. So my primary choice here would be a Beastmaster that can summon Caragors, specifically one that does not do poison damage.

Middle Earth Shadow Of War Fight Pits Guide Example 2

My counter was my Epic Kruk the Hell-Hawk Beastmaster. He does fire damage, not poison, starts with a Caragor at his side, and has the ability to summon Caragors during battle. The enemy was terrified and killed in a single hit.

That’s a very obvious example but it all works the same. Pick something that exploits your enemies weaknesses and you’ll have no problem in the pits. If you have any question about our Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Fight Pits Guide, please post a comment below.

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  1. Yeah… doesn’t always work.
    In my case, the opponent was a level 15 guy with a crossbow, terrified of caragors.
    I sent in a level 21 Olog Beastmaster and… literally the only thing my follower did was kill the other guy’s mount. After that he walked forward two steps, waited a second just to get shot in the face and then walked backwards for steps.
    The caragors were both still alive and just kinda stayed back. “Uruk’s best friend” indeed.
    This repeated until my follower died.

    So here’s a slight warning: if your follower doesn’t have 100% chance of a clean victory there’s a very decent chance he’ll die because of the crappy Captain VS Captain fighting AI.

    1. I have many match when my orcs/olog do NOT move and die even if it is me lvl 55 (legendary, epic or other) vs lvl 20. why if not the system is broken

    2. I didn’t experience any problems until end-game. Then shit started falling apart. Enemy terrified by fire, no reaction to fire. My main guy had 2 allies with him, they did nothing all fight. There’s definitely some bug issues in there somewhere.

  2. i like to train my orcs with the fighting pit. and i dont check the enemys or whatever. i just send in my orcs until they get to level 45 (which is my max atm) and if they die, i run in the pit and take control over the guy that won. darvinism at its finest 😀

  3. Are you seriously gonna try and pass this piece of dog shit off as a guide? I could literally sum this up in 1 sentence; “Exploit your enemies weaknesses”. Try putting in some effort next time.

      1. I doubt this is useful to anyone… I honestly expected to find out what combination of abilities to look for in a fighter, is it enrage on demand? Poison? What class is best to have. This… This is not a guide.

        But this is what I did, I have died on purpose to a few orcs, mostly trying to get ether berserkers or beastmasters, this way they instantly my level, then recruit the ones who seem op, enrage on everything is the strongest trait I had so far I think, on a berserker who spamed the whirlwind like ability.

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