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Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Ithildin Door Guide

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Ithildin Door Guide
One of the many rewarding activities in Middle Earth: Shadow Of War is the Ithildin Doors and poems. This Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Ithildin Door Guide covers all of the basics of this activity that’s spread throughout the game including how to collect the Ithildin and the rewards for doing so, including a powerful legendary set.

The Ithildin Door collectibles become available very early in the game – after you climb and clear your first tower.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Ithildin Door Guide

Once you have unlocked the ability to cleanse towers clear all towers within a zone. This will update your map to feature all of the different collectibles you can find in each region. They are marked by a small triangle with a black space in the middle and 3 lines on the outside, you can’t miss them. There are varying numbers in each region but the technique is the same. Climb the towers, cleanse the towers to reveal them on your map and then mark one before collecting it. Once you reach one use your Elf Vision and then align the symbols with both of the sticks. It’s a relatively simple process.

Once you have found all of the collectibles in a region, the doorway is available. They are always located within the Barrows of that area. Simply head to that location and you can decipher the poem to gain entry. Each region has a Ithildin Door and each contains valuable loot, including pieces of the Bright Lord Legendary set.

Below is a list of each of the regions that contain a Ithildin Door and the Legendary set piece you get for opening it:

  • Gorgoroth – Bright Lord Sword
  • Seregost – Bright Lord Dagger
  • Nurnen – Bright Lord Bow
  • Minas Ithil – Bright Lord Armor
  • Cirith Ungol – Bright Lord Cloak

If you get stuck on the poems check out our Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Ithildin Door Puzzle Guide.

That wraps up our Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Ithildin Door Guide. If you have any questions, please post a comment below.

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