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Minecraft: House Guide – Perfect Safe House

Minecraft: House Guide - Perfect Safe House
Do you want to know how to build the perfect house in Minecraft? This Minecraft House Guide will teach you the basics on creating a Minecraft House and all the necessary items to set your Minecraft journey on its way.

The first thing you will need to do when you start a new map is to harvest some wood to build your Minecraft House, this is done by “attacking” the trunk of a tree. You may be unfortunate enough to load a map that doesn’t have any trees close to where you spawn. You can either choose to load a new map or explore and find a better location for your house, it’s probably easier to load a new map.

Once you’ve collected some wood you will need a place to get away from the monsters that come out at night. The best way to survive the onslaught of the night is inside your Minecraft House. This allows you to hide away from the monsters or have a safe place to return after farming some for materials. The easiest way to make your first Minecraft House is to make a cave, this is best done in the side of a mountain but you can make a hole in the ground and work from there, they both work well.

Once you have your Minecraft House you will need to start making tools. To be able to craft the basic tools (Shovel, Pick axe, Hoe and Axe) you will need to a crafting table, this is made by filling all four slots on the crafting part of the inventory menu with wooden planks, which can be made from the wood you harvested earlier, you only have to put one piece of wood in the crafting grid to get the four planks that you’ll need.

Once you’ve made the crafting table you will need to start making your Minecraft Tools (Hoe, Axe, Shovel and Pick axe), tools can only be made at the crafting table. At first the only ingredient you need to worry about wood, but as you progress through the game you will need various ores for the higher level equipment.

You will need to use the wood to make wooden sticks, this is done by making more wooden planks, and then using them on the crafting table. You will need one stack above and one directly below, this will allow you to make the sticks, the sticks are used for the tools and other useful items like ladders.

Each tool will allow you to harvest materials quicker when compared to using your hands, the Axe is better for chopping trees and the Hoe for agriculture.
Once you have all of these you will need to go and get some more materials, you will need to mine some cobblestone, this is the most common rock that you’ll be mining, some more wood and possibly some dirt depending on the landscape of your map.

Once you have about 10-20 of each you will need to make the following:

A furnace with the cobblestone, this is done at the crafting table by putting one cobblestone on every slot but the middle one, this will allow you to refine the ores you collect.
More wooden sticks for more tools, at this point your tools will wear easily so you will need to constantly replace them.

Lastly you need a door for your Minecraft House, this is made with six wooden planks on the crafting table, you will need two columns of three planks to make the door. Once you’ve crafted your Axe, Hoe, Pick Axe and Shovel, combined with your door, you now have the perfect Minecraft House and everything you need to gather materials and advance to the next stage of the game.

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