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MK Beating Shao Kahn In Story

MK Beating Shao Kahn In Story

Alright anyone who has played Mortal Kombat in the past knows that Shao Kahn is the big boss in each game. He is also one of the hardest fights in the new Mortal Kombat 9 because he can break your block and nullify your attacks. I will tell you how to beat Shao Kahn in story mode. Spoilers ahead!

You will end up fighting Shao Kahn twice throughout the story in Mortal Kombat. The first time you fight him with the hero of Mortal Kombat Liu Kang. Now if you know how to play Mortal Kombat 9 well you most likely won’t need this but I’m not very good so I have to play like a baby to win.

Shao Kahn can break your combos and your block so straight up melee fights with him are not advised. Shao Kahn will taunt you when he does this if you are close enough do your bicycle kick and if not do a fire ball or the other kick. Once you land it jump back until you are out of his range for melee attacks. He will either walk towards you taunt again or toss a spear. You can jump the spear and keep evading if he is coming towards you. If he taunts repeat the cycle up there. It will take a bit but you will beat Shao Kahn in story mode for the first time.

The next time you face Shao Kahn you will be Raiden. Raiden has that move were he flies at his opponent with his fists out and makes some random noises. We will be using that. Shao Kahn doesn’t get anymore abilities or anything like that so if you play this fight like the Liu Kang fight you will beat him with time. If you think you can get the first hit in then do an X-ray attack to widdle him down. A comment pointed out that he may just charge you over and over. I didn’t have this problem I beat him on normal so it may be way harder on the higher difficulties. If does charge you and you time it right jump over him and kick him in the back of the head. The jump away from him and get ready for his next attack.

If it is giving you difficulties still try to teleport behind him then uppercut him while he is taunting. I saw a video of someone doing it and it worked pretty well.

Alternative method via Mr. Squeeze – I beat Shao Khan by constantly jumping over Shao Khan. Quickly landing an uppercut. As you jump always try and dropkick Shao Khan in order to counter his shoulder charge. (I haven’t done this but it could work since beating him involves a lot of jumping.)


After that you will have beat Shao Kahn in story mode and beat the story mode completely netting you the trophy/achievement Back in time…

So there you have it beating Shao Kahn in story mode. It’s no the most classy way to win but it gets the job done.

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