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MK Beating Shao Kahn In Story

MK Beating Shao Kahn In Story

Alright anyone who has played Mortal Kombat in the past knows that Shao Kahn is the big boss in each game. He is also one of the hardest fights in the new Mortal Kombat 9 because he can break your block and nullify your attacks. I will tell you how to beat Shao Kahn in story mode. Spoilers ahead!

You will end up fighting Shao Kahn twice throughout the story in Mortal Kombat. The first time you fight him with the hero of Mortal Kombat Liu Kang. Now if you know how to play Mortal Kombat 9 well you most likely won’t need this but I’m not very good so I have to play like a baby to win.

Shao Kahn can break your combos and your block so straight up melee fights with him are not advised. Shao Kahn will taunt you when he does this if you are close enough do your bicycle kick and if not do a fire ball or the other kick. Once you land it jump back until you are out of his range for melee attacks. He will either walk towards you taunt again or toss a spear. You can jump the spear and keep evading if he is coming towards you. If he taunts repeat the cycle up there. It will take a bit but you will beat Shao Kahn in story mode for the first time.

The next time you face Shao Kahn you will be Raiden. Raiden has that move were he flies at his opponent with his fists out and makes some random noises. We will be using that. Shao Kahn doesn’t get anymore abilities or anything like that so if you play this fight like the Liu Kang fight you will beat him with time. If you think you can get the first hit in then do an X-ray attack to widdle him down. A comment pointed out that he may just charge you over and over. I didn’t have this problem I beat him on normal so it may be way harder on the higher difficulties. If does charge you and you time it right jump over him and kick him in the back of the head. The jump away from him and get ready for his next attack.

If it is giving you difficulties still try to teleport behind him then uppercut him while he is taunting. I saw a video of someone doing it and it worked pretty well.

Alternative method via Mr. Squeeze – I beat Shao Khan by constantly jumping over Shao Khan. Quickly landing an uppercut. As you jump always try and dropkick Shao Khan in order to counter his shoulder charge. (I haven’t done this but it could work since beating him involves a lot of jumping.)


After that you will have beat Shao Kahn in story mode and beat the story mode completely netting you the trophy/achievement Back in time…

So there you have it beating Shao Kahn in story mode. It’s no the most classy way to win but it gets the job done.

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  1. dude this is bad, good for the first fight super bad for the second fight on the last fight he never taunts in round 2 and he just charges u every time

    *Please don’t swear in comments*

  2. I dont beieve for one second you won using that strategy on normal setting, if you attempt to fly at him he blocks hits you with a hammer or hurls a fuckin trident at you…and xray is pointless as it takes zero off him

    1. Well I beat the game on normal somehow and I sure didn’t do it a legit way I just spammed my abilities every time he taunted. If you are have trouble with it then drop it down a difficulty or something. I can only show you the way I can’t spoon feed you the fight.

  3. I beat shao khan by constantly jumping over shao khan. Quickly landing an uppercut. As you jump always try and dropkick shao khan in order to counter his shoulder charge.

  4. With Liu Kang, I beat him on normal by backing up out of his shoulder charge range and just spamming the low fireball attack. If you buffer the next fireball while LK is still throwing the first one, and just keep doing that over and over, he has no way to deal with it. If you are far enough away Shao Kahn will either block, taunt, or throw a spear, which you will already be ducking under as the fireball hits him.

  5. Nothing, none of this, and no other tips are working. He never taunts. When he does, I hit him, but it doesn’t matter, he keeps throwing that hammer or spear over and over and over.

    What a cheap, dirty AI. I loved this game until this point. Now, not so much… they made him practically impossible to beat unless you are being dirty as well. That’s not cool.

    1. I really don’t understand why this is working for some people and not others… I did it the day it came out though maybe they’ve patched him since then and also on ps3 though it shouldn’t make a difference.

  6. It worked for the first two fights as Liu Kang, but Raiden has nothing on Shao Kahn. I still haven’t beaten him, and I don’t think I’ll be able to anytime soon.

    Totally unrelated… I wish you could skip cutscenes. I don’t want to watch the cutscene 500000000000000000000000000 times because I have to leave or do something. ><

    1. Yeah it seems like people are having the most trouble with Raiden and I honestly didn’t enjoy being him at all. But I did beat him like I said. I agree though at this point in gaming you’d figure skipping a cut scene would be included.

  7. It’s true for Liu Kang, but the Raiden technique is a little different. You have to know when to teleport. Right before he makes a move you teleport behind him and either uppercut or use “electric fly” on him. DO NOT teleport to quickly, but if you do hit block immediately. It’s about 80% that he’ll use a blockable move… and if he does you can quick jab him immediately after and than hit the block again until you get the next teleport opportunity.

    You have to be quick. Right as he winds up to throw the hammer or spear you can teleport behind him. Also get used to his moves… he does a headbutt charge that is block able… chances are if you just blocked his headbutt another move is coming up… so teleport behind and uppercut. As are all his close range moves minus his grapple and the move where he does the overhead hammer.

    Some moves you have to be standing to block, others you have to be crouching.
    His hammer sweep requires a crouched block other wise you get sweeped. When he kicks you have to be standing other wise he’ll just kick you over… it’s common sense.

    If you block him enough he will taunt, and if you get far away he will taunt… it’s just not as fool proof as when you were liu kang… (duh it’s the last level.)

    Someone up there said that you can’t land the x-ray move… but you definitely can… the first time I beat him I one by the skin of my teeth using it. It’s honestly your best weapon because most of the time he can’t block it as long as you are in close range.

    Don’t expect to get a flawless victory. Ever. And don’t give up if he eats up alot of your health… sometimes you get in such a groove with the teleport uppercut that you can catch up again.

    1. another good idea is right after the tele u can trip him, right when he getrs up and swings tele again and trip, or u can sometimes go square,triangle,square,triangle. that is what I did he seems to ALWAYS try to counter as soon as he gets up and u can just rinse and repeat tele with trip right after.

  8. I Stayed as far away as possible. when he throws the hammer jump over it and do the flying attack on him over and over, I ran out the time instead of actually KO’ing him. You can also try to throw the electric orb at him to power up your meter.

  9. i have been playing the final match with radien for 38 hours straight and i still have not beat it is there really any easy way to beat him damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah you may want to take a break then retry it in a few hours. I find that after I get stressed over a part in a video game that if I sleep or take a break when I come back I fly through it.

  10. thanks it really worked with the bycycle kicks i even got in a couple x rays but thanks i beat the ass

  11. get in the corner and throw low fireballs back to back and u can get a flawless victory…dont miss or he will hit u with an arrow….ortherwise we wont even come from the otherside at all…..your welcome fellow gamers

    1. Yeah for Liu Kang, low fireballs may work, but we are having way more trouble beating him with Raiden… and Raiden doesnt have low fireballs and that plan wouldnt wouldnt work even if he did

  12. Use cyrax or someone that has a powerful blow/kick? Keep moving back from Shao Khan until he taunts you and uppercut or use a combo on him.

  13. Honestly, mk is pretty much the only video game I really play (and not very often =[) I’ve been working on Shao Kahn forever now. I actually screamed at him. I’m starting to think there is a difference between 360 and ps3 because all the “tips” I’m finding aren’t working, which makes no sense whatsoever. If you have anything new I would really appreciate it >.<

  14. There is an even easier way. I’m not sure what levels it will work on though as I got fed up and dropped the level from medium to easy coz the guy is sooo annoying and raiden isn’t all that.
    But anyway here’s the tip. I’m gonna try on medium to see if it has the same effect.
    Keep Khan at a distance and keep ok doing the electric bolt repeatedly. Do what if he blocks, it still takes away health. It builds up ur bar and u can use the R button to do a double bolt on him. If u wanna make him suffer like he’s made u suffer for so long, get his bar really low and finish him with an x-ray! May even be possible to get flawless on this – who knows!

  15. Im late to the party but i only got the game yesterday. I figured out an easy way to beat khan. Its simple. Just keep blocking. When he attacks, teleport behind him and block. Every now and then, he will attack you with a kick. This is when you uppercut him. When ever he kicks, uppercut him. When he kicks, he has no shield to protect him. I beat him a few times now with hardly any damage to raden. Your timing needs to be perfect though.

  16. I played it normal difficulty and I’m not going to lie about it… He was kicking my ass for a couple hours straight, that’s not to say I didn’t win a round against him. I did eventually defeat him for the overall victory!

    I found the best trick is to immediately jump back as far as you can from Kahn. This forces him to either walk over to you or throw spears; if he walks over to you then you just keep jumping back and if he throws a spear you teleport behind him and you press forward (directionally facing Kahn) and then X (kick) you send him flying.

    Once he’s been sent flying by your attack wait for him to get up and attack again, at this point just keep repeating the cycle and hopefully you will pick up the win!

    I only really used my x-ray to evade Kahn’s X-ray beat down.

    Note: If you miss time the teleport Kahn will counter you with a vicious beating as you attempt to kick him.

    Hope you found this useful.

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