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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: How To Get Resources Fast Guide

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: How To Get Resources Fast Guide
Have you struggled to keep your resources count high without having to fight boring monsters in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? This guide will show you how to get tons of resources very quickly so that you can farm, send your boats out and complete all villager requests easily. This guide is intended for players that are quite a distance into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as you won’t really need to know how to get lots of resources until later in the game. The early villager requests and items, such as farming, require very little resources. But once you start struggling this Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: How To Get Resources Fast Guide will teach you everything you need to know.

Resources are used for a variety of different things in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and they can become a rare commodity once you get bored of Moga Forest. There is no extremely simple way of getting thousands of resources but this guide can show you how to get near enough to 100,000 resources in just over an hours playtime. More than enough to fuel your needs for online multiplayer or make it easy to gather hundreds of Mega Potions.

There are a few ways of doing this depending on your skill and character type, but it works for pretty much anybody. To make gathering lots of resources as easy as possible, I would first suggest that you unlock the Volvidon armor set. In order to get this set you will need access to level 5 quests from the Guild Counter. The quest, Walk ‘n’Roll, will pit you against a Volvidon. I was able to get all of the ingredients for the armor in 4-5 attempts, without damaging any body parts.

The fight is arguably one of the easiest in the game so there’s not really much preparation needed. Be sure to take Paintballs, Traps, Potions, Whetstones etc. As a melee character I was able to defeat Volvidon in roughly 3.5 minutes without using any potions. I also suggest you get the Capture Guru skill so that you’re able to tell when Volvidon can be captured. Also a water weapon or ammo is highly advisable to make the fight far quicker. Outside of the parts from Volvidon the armor set needs a few extra bits

  • Monster Fluid – Do the level 2 quest “Bug Hunt”. Use the provided Poison Bomb to kill the Altaroth and check for Monster Fluid. Can easily get 5-10 during the quest
  • Dragonite Ore – Dragonite Ore can be mined in the Volcano, bring your pick axe on Volvidon runs to grab some on the way.
  • Jumbo Bone – Normal item, you should have plenty spare.
  • Uroktor Scale – These can be found in the Volcano area. They’re the monsters that bury underground and jump up. Easily killed in 2-3 hits, no risk.
  • Paralysis Sac – You should probably have them from Gobul already but Volvidon does drop them also
  • Firestone – Normal item, you should have plenty spare.
  • Earth Crystal – Normal item, you should have plenty spare.

I was able to get the entire set within an hours worth of hunting so you shouldn’t really struggle. The main benefit to this set is the Tremor Res skill that makes you immune to tremors caused by monster attacks. It also adds Evasion +1, and Attack Up skills. With a decent Charm you should also be able to add Capture Guru to complete the set for the upcoming farming.

This guide will show you how to get tons of resources very quickly so that you can farm, send your boats out and complete all villager requests easily

Sadly this big fella here isn’t quite as easy as Volvidon and can provide a good challenge for new melee users, however range shouldn’t have any trouble taking him down. How does farming Uragaan help you get resources I hear you ask? Well, he drops a Lava Stone on a regular basis which can be traded in for 1,500 resources time and time again. I have had up to 3-4 drop per kill and there’s also a method to get more by mining. Whenever you go on a Uragaan run be sure to bring your usual items such as potions, traps, paintballs, but also bring a Mega PickAxe. Uragaan falls down quite a lot once his stamina is low and if you’re sure to aim attacks towards his feet it will happen more often. Once he falls run over and mine either his back, stomach or tail, and you’ve got a chance of getting Lava Stones.

Doing the quest Uragaan’s Trail, a level 5 quest, will provide you with a free trap as well as a healthy 8,400z as a reward. So really it only costs a few potions as most of the stuff is already provided. The Tremor Resistance allows you to avoid being stunned after his chin attacks so that you can freely unleash your combination abilities to do the maximum damage.

His basic attacks are easy to avoid and you’re given plenty of notice. There are 2 attacks that he as where he sprays out colored mist, one purple, one yellow. The purple one will put you to sleep while the yellow will set you on fire, these are really the only two regular attacks you’ll need to dodge and you have 2-3 seconds notice before he pulls it off.

His main attack, where he rolls into a ball and chases around the screen, can cause some potential damage but it’s also the best chance to get him down. If you use the provided Barrel Bombs and place them correctly, Uragaan can hit them while rolling which results in an easy mining opportunity.

So there you have it. A very simple way of getting tons of resources fast in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. If you struggle with any of the ingredients listed, or the fight itself, feel free to post a comment below and I’ll help you out.

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