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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: How To Make Tons Of Money (z) Fast While AFK

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: How To Make Tons Of Money (z) Fast While AFK
Alongside Resources funds and cash are some of the most required items in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: How To Make Tons Of Money (z) Fast will teach you how to make a ton of money early in the game without any additional effort and best of all, you can be AFK for most of it. It can be done very shortly after you unlock the fishing boats and the ability to search for treasure, but obviously the more boats you have, the higher level they are, the more potential and beneficial this guide will be.

So once you’ve progressed far enough into the main story to unlock your boats, you have everything you need in order to make a lot of money very quickly. The first thing you want to do is send your boats out to gather treasure in Dark Waters or Moga Shallows, it cost 30/80 resources per trip so it doesn’t take very much. If you’re struggling for resources our Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Resource Guide will help you get thousands in just a few minutes.

So once you’ve sent your boats off what’s next? Well if you want to do it the easiest way with the least amount of effort you simply begin a Harvest Tour Quest. These are available from Quest Level 2 onwards and basically just throws you into one of the maps without any objectives. I would highly suggest you choose the Sandy Plains tour to maximize profit as you can speak with the Veggie Elder to get free items. After that just wait in the area for 2 minutes, go and do the dishes or text your girlfriend that’s taken a backseat since you got the game. When the 2 minutes is up head to the blue box, pick up the item and complete the quest.

To further maximize profit and items you can check for the Felyne Charisma buff at the Canteen. This buff allows you to speak with the Veggie Elder up to 6 times, gathering more free items each time you do the quest. It’s a Daily Skill so it’s not always available but I found I was able to get it the majority of the time with Thorny Meat and Moss Pork; however actually having the buff apply is another matter altogether. I’ve never found it under any other ingredients so just check those 2 before heading out to do the quest.

Completing the Harvest Tour Quests progresses Moga Village by 1 day. So if you send your boat fleet to Dark Waters they’ll return every 2 days with a horde of treasure. You will often find very valuable items when they return, some of which can sell for thousands.

After doing one complete fleet trip (passing 2 days) I accumulated over 15,000z. The main bulk of the money comes from Silver/Steel Egg’s and the Crowns. Quite often you’ll get an Incomplete Crown that sells for 500z, but save those! You can also find Crown’s Gemstones and Royal Crest’s. These items both combine with the Incomplete Crown to create a finished crown that sells for 10,000/1000z respectively.

There are probably better ways of making cash but this method is fast, easy and simple if you want to do other things while making cash. If you know another method of making tons of money fast in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, be a hero and leave a comment!

This method would also work really well with Farming but I’ll create a proper guide for that soon. If you have any questions, or you’re struggling with a particular part of this guide, throw a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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