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Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Guide
Buddies are an exciting new feature introduced with MH Rise. This Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Guide will explain the basic of the Buddy system including everything from equipping your buddies with new abilities, to mounts, and leveling up for additional rewards and features.

There are two types of Buddies in MH Rise, Palicoes and Palamutes. Palicoes are cat like creatures, long famous as companions in Monster Hunter games. Palamutes are dog-like creatures that you can mount, with some awesome features. All Buddies gain experience points as you progress and play, increasing their level and stats as they earn additional experience points. You can visit your house in the village to change their equipment, appearance options, and scrolls.

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Guide

Scrolls are special items received from quests that, when equipped, provide your Buddy with additional combat options such as improving existing attacks or adding new abilities. You can also change the behavior of your buddies in your house. For example, you can choose for your buddies to focus on smaller enemies before attacking the main monster, decreasing the chance some pesky wildlife will knock you down or hit you with a negative status effect.

Once you reach Hunter Rank 2, you unlock the Dojo in your house, this allows you to level your buddies much faster. You can only take two buddies with you at any time, so having additional buddies in training is a great way of covering your bases.

You can also use Meowcenaries in the buddy area, again at Hunter Rank 2. This lets you send buddies off on mini-adventures in return for goods and supplies. Finally, also from Hunter Rank 2, you can speak with the Argosy and send a Buddy out to find very specific items for you. in a submarine.

  • Make sure to check the Buddy list often for higher level buddies
  • An idle buddy is a bad buddy. Make sure you are either training them or sending them off
  • The Argosy and Meowcenaries is a great way of obtaining specific and valuable loot
  • Use the Dojo to increase buddies level much quicker if they are not with your current party
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