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Monster Hunter Rise Sleeping Arzuros Guide

Monster Hunter Sleeping Arzuros Guide
There are many photography quests in MH Rise, this one is based on Arzuros. This Monster Hunter Rise Sleeping Arzuros Guide will tell you everything you need to track down an Arzuros and how you can catch it napping so that you’re able to take a photograph and complete the quest Arzzzzzzzzuros.

The Arzuros is the bear-like monster that you meet very early in the game. There are a number of 1 star hunts featuring this monster, allowing you to get into the fight and get the photograph as quickly as possible. We recommend doing this either solo or with a friend as other players joining may not share your same objective and could end up ruining the perfect snap, forcing you to start the quest from fresh. However, with the right tools, you can do this with a group of strangers with a bit of luck.

Monster Hunter Rise Sleeping Arzuros Guide

Sleeping Arzuros Guide
Firstly you’re going to need basic trap supplies. Any trap will work, Pit Fall or Shock Trap. You also need to bring with you some Tranquilizers in the form of Tranq Bombs. All of these are basic materials so you shouldn’t have trouble getting them together. This is because the easiest way to taking down an Arzuros and taking a picture of it sleeping, is to trap it and knock it out. Simply head into a hunt and find the Arzuros.

Take it down to low health, paying attention to your Palico. They will often talk in the bottom right corner, providing information on when a creature is ready to be captured. Once it’s ready, place your trap and lure it in. Then use the tranq bombs to knock it out. Then use the left and right on the D-pad to find the camera and press up or down to activate and take the photograph. Be warned, unlike kills, trapped creatures only give you about 20 seconds post-fight before you will automatically return to the village.

  • Arzuros is a HR 1 bear-like enemy, easy enough to take down for experienced players
  • Make sure to bring traps and tranq bombs
  • Reduce the Arzuros to low health and place a trap, and then knock it out.
  • Take a picture of the sleeping Arzuros to complete the quest
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