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Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Rewards Guide (Palace Entrance)

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Rewards Guide
MK11 features a huge Krypt with lots of unlockables and rewards. This Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Rewards Guide will tell you where you can find many different unlockable items in the Krypt Palace Entrance including how to unlock cosmetic items, currencies and more.

As long as you are connected to the Mortal Kombat 11 servers, you earn rewards for playing the game. You can spend Koins to open chests inside the Krypt and unlock tons of different rewards. The rewards within the Krypt vary greatly and can include everything from character art to cosmetic items and forge materials.

Below is a list of all the Krypt rewards for the Palace Entrance. Although you start with plenty of Koins, you may want to skip some of these chests in favor of finding more valuable rewards later.

The Palace Entrance has mostly fixed rewards. This means that the chest prices are the same and the rewards are the same. However, there is a small chance to receive higher quality loot when opening certain chests. After the Palace Entrance the chest costs and rewards are randomized.

If you want to explore all of the Krypt, make sure you check out our guides on finding Motaro’s Horn, Scorpions spear and the Gem of the Living.

Palace Entrance Room #1 Krypt Rewards

Palace Entrance Room #1 Krypt Rewards
Koin CostRewardReward 2Reward 3Reward Types
Free50,000 Koins100 HeartsCurrency
Free50,000 Koins100 HeartsCurrency
3,000 KoinsJade Character ArtJade Character ArtJade Character ArtCharacter Art

Palace Entrance Room #2 Krypt Rewards

Palace Entrance Room #2 Krypt Rewards
Chest Koin CostRewardReward 2Reward 3Reward 4Reward Types
8,000 KoinsZaterran Charm x3Ethereal Armor x3Tower Konsumable
5,000 KoinsPlasma Infused Death Rocket Meteorite Core x3Tower Konsumable
6,000 KoinsEssence Of Edniant MagicRecipe: Ethereal ArmorCopper PlatingElement Of OrderForge Items, Recipe
5,000 KoinsHopperCassie Cage Cosmetic
8,000 KoinsTekunin Emergency Receiver x35,000 KoinsCurrency, Tower Konsumable
10,000 KoinsKano's Secret Weapon25 HeartsKano Cosmetic, Currency
4,000 KoinsKitana Character Art x3Character Art
10,000 KoinsDemoralizer 30-30Skeleton KeyErron Cosmetic, Skeleton Key
12,000 KoinsScorpion Character ArtCharacter Art

Other Chest Rewards

Chest Koin CostReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward TypeLocation
15,000 KoinsBlood FoeExplosive ShardsSub Zero Skin, Sub Zero AugmentThe Dead Woods Lever Puzzle
15,000 KoinsGlacial FreezeShard StormSub Zero Skin, Sub Zero AugmentLower Courtyard Lever Puzzle
250 HeartsKiss My SpurRuckusBorn In The 915
Moosehunter .338
Rythm & Blues
Stockpile Of Corrosives
Erron Black Brutality, Skin, Equipment and AugmentLower Courtyard Lever Puzzle
250 HeartsDamn ItTime's ArrowReady Set Apocalypse
Hydrogen Oculator
Precision Kick Flurry
Jacqui Briggs Brutality, Skin, Equipment, and AugmentDead Woods Heart Chest(8141, -4873)
250 HeartsDeadly DanceOlivineImperial Gem
Amethyst Killstar
Blaze's Firespawn Torch
Kiss The Dirt
Jade Brutality, Skin, Equipment, and AugmentDead Woods Heart Chest(3443, -1166)
250 HeartsCut UpDead Pool DespoilerOkrakan of Struggle, Invader of the Lei Chen, Ensign of the Ten Hells, Horns of BattlesBaraka Brutality, Skin, Arm Blades, Head Gear, War Banner, AugmentGardens Heart Chest (5646, 5249)
250 HeartsScreamerSpeed FreakHardcore Black Dragon
Gift Of The Monks
Leg Shredder
Kabal Brutality, Skin, Arm Blades, Head Gear, War Banner, AugmentThe Pit(Requires 2k Soul Fragments To Pass)
250 HeartsBeheadedFrozen FuturistCool Kombat
Ice Valkyrie
Dynamic Zordian Engine
Hypothermic Missles
Frost Brutality, Skin, Arm Blades, Head Gear, War Banner, AugmentLower Courtyard(-7557, -5569)
250 HeartsSawedCoatepecMacanan Of The Osh-Tekk
Tochtli Sickles
Talisman Of Osh-Tekk
Focused Beam
Kotal Kahn Brutality, Skin, Arm Blades, Head Gear, War Banner, AugmentCourtyard Cave(6608, -4472 behind the locked gate)
250 HeartsSlice Slice SliceBootlegJ Cage Fallen Collection
Karatazian Rocks
Shaolin Dragon Idol
Magic Redirection
Kollector Brutality, Skin, Arm Blades, Head Gear, War Banner, AugmentGoro's Lair(5381, 1458)
250 HeartsMind Of Its OwnUnblunted WarriorIndomitable
Ninth Son Of The Dragon
Lie Of Damashi
Magic Throw
Kung Lao Brutality, Skin, Arm Blades, Head Gear, War Banner, AugmentGoro's Throne Room(-1501, -3405 behind the locked gate)

Unfortunately, after you leave the Palace Entrance, either to The Dead Woods or The Courtyard, the rewards and chest prices are mostly randomized. There are some chests that are fixed, hidden behind puzzles and such. We’ll update with more information soon.

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