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Mortal Kombat 9 Easy Coins

Mortal Kombat 9 Easy Coins

Much like the other more recent Mortal Kombats this one has the graveyard extra unlocks. You to get Mortal Kombat coins to unlock all the things. They include the typical extras concept art, character art and music as well as extra fatalities and Kombat codes.. For a lot of us though not having everything unlocked just leaves a bad taste in our mouth so lets get some easy Mortal Kombat coins.

Most of you will likely just step right into the Mortal Kombat story which is fine it will net you some decent coins. In my opinion though it takes way more time unless you really know how to play and fly through the game. This is what I do.

First find someone you are really good with or want to get good with. I use Stryker because I’ve used him for a long time. Click fight and go to ladder. Pick who you want to be then when you pick the difficulty choose beginner.

I know I know who wants to play on beginner? Well to get the easy Mortal Komabt coins this is the fastest way I’ve found.

Here’s the key to getting the most coins. Flawless victory. Each one you get will net you 1000 Mortal Kombat coins. On this difficulty you should have no problem even if you’re not an experienced Mortal Kombat fighter getting a Flawless victory or two.

While that will net you 1000 Mortal Kombat points here are a few other things during the match you can do to maximized the coins.

Damage over 10% = 1 Mortal Kombat Coin.

X-Ray attack =35 Mortal Kombat coins.

Win = 20 Mortal Kombat coins.

Fatality = 250 Mortal Kombat coins.

Babalities = 500 Mortal Kombat coins (Thanks Jordan)

So there you have it getting a lot of  easy Mortal Kombat coins in not to much time. Stay tuned for more Mortal Kombat 9 info and guides.

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  1. I find that if you want to get a bunch of koins, this is what you want to do. . .

    -Play story mode. You get a lot of koins but it can take a while.

    -Play test your luck. Sometimes while your playing test your luck mode your can get “Lucky.” When this happens you will get money when you win. If you get three in a row in one spin you can earn “Jackpot!” where you get
    10 000 koins.(If you change your reel to 7 you can get a lot of koins)

    -Play ladder mode. You can make a good amount of koins on ladder mode. To make it easy, just go on beginner and chose your best player (or one that your working on, my are Johnny Cage, Sindel, and a few others.)and work your way up. On beginner,it is easy to get flawless victory. It’s where you dont get hit and you earn 1000 koins.

    If you do a kombo that does over %10 damage (Or a good hit) you earn 1 koin

    If you do a x-ray move (when the botton meter is full, tap the R2 and L2 at the right distance so you can do it)you earn 35 koins.

    When you win you get 20 koins.

    If you do a fatalily or stage fatality, you get 250 koins.

    And if you do a babality, you earn 500 koins.

  2. I’ve learned that if you really want to get lots of coins you can pick fight then go to ladder and play on the difficulty just choose beginner. Yeah, I know. Who would want to play on beginner? Well, that’s the key to it. All your opponents will be easy and the best to get is a flawless victory, but here are some other things to do.

    * Play story mode. Story mode will give you a good amout of MK coins.

    *Play Test You Luck. The key to doing this is to try to get the slot to go on ‘Lucky.’ Lucky gives you some MK coins.

    In ladder mode here are some ways to get a good amount of MK coins.

    Damage over 10% = 1 Mortal Kombat Coin.

    X-Ray attack =35 Mortal Kombat coins.

    Win = 20 Mortal Kombat coins.

    Fatality = 250 Mortal Kombat coins.

    Babalities = 500 Mortal Kombat coins.

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