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Saints Row IV Guide – How to Unlock the Murderbot Minigun

Saints Row IV Guide - How to Unlock the Murderbot Minigun

The Murderbot Minigun in Saints Row IV will let you give the enemies a taste of their own medicine — but you have to earn it first. Follow this guide from Gamers Heroes if you’re struggling to find out how to unlock the Murderbot Minigun in Saints Row IV.

The Murderbot Minigun can be unlocked via Shaundi’s mission “Payback.” Select it from the quest menu to begin.

Talk to Shaundi

Exit the Simulation and talk to Shaundi. You can find her in the control room near the back of the ship.

Disrupt System

Enter the Simulation and head over to the eastern part of Wesley Cutter Intl Airport. You will have 3:30 to cause as much damage as you can with your Stomp ability. You will get Bronze at 150,000, Silver at 300,000, and Gold at 500,000.

The trick is to go after groups of cars and lightpoles. Unfortunately, you do not get any bonuses taking down pedestrians. Keep traveling from location to location, taking down groups at a time and keeping your combo meter up.

Complete Race

Head over to the center of Steelport – Salader and get ready to race through the system. You will get Bronze for finishing in 15 seconds, Silver for finishing in 25 seconds, and Gold for finishing in 40 seconds.

The usual rules apply — go for the green orbs while avoiding the fire. Try not to stop Super Sprinting.

Clear Out Zin Troops

Head over to the Flashpoint at the southern part of Steelport – Sunset Park on the roof. Use the freeze ability to get rid of the troops on the lower and higher levels.

Complete Training Program

Go over to Steelport – Loren Square at the Fight Club to begin your fight against Jyunichi. You will have to defeat four waves: finish in three minutes for Gold, five minutes for Silver, and seven minutes for Bronze.

The first wave has you tackling five enemies without your powers. Use the melee to your advantage.

The second wave has you defending a spot, King of the Hill style. To defeat the groups of Vice Kings and stand your ground, use freeze blast often.

The third wave has you fighting three enemies. Use your telekinesis ability to throw them against the wall. Try and chain it if you can.

The fourth and final wave pits you against Jyunichi and two of his soldiers. Use telekinesis on the soccer balls, and try to freeze his assistants if they get close. When Jyunichi is frozen, spam melee attacks until he is down.

Go to Location

Head over to the northern part of Steelport – Sunset Park to assassinate the rogue program. Here you will have to take down the target — he’s got two decoys, but they go down easy. To get rid of them quickly, Super Sprint near them and melee them to perform a takedown. Continue doing this to whittle down their health and you’ll have them down in no time.

Meet Shaundi on Ship

Exit the Simulation and talk to Shaundi. Congratulations – the Murderbot Minigun is yours!

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