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Murdered Soul Suspect Cemetery Case Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Cemetery Case Guide

Once you get to the cemetery you will have a case to solve there. You need to see if there are any new leads on the murder case or not. This guide will help you find all the clues and help you ace the case on your first try. Let’s get started.

Bell Killer Lead

Murdered Soul Suspect Cemetery Case

After you talk to the girl you will have to find eight clues scattered around.

Clue 1 – Near the girl there is a gravedigger’s shovel on a tombstone, inspect it for your fist clue.

Clue 2 – Near the waters edge by Joy you can find a reveal point with a dead body. Analyze it and choose washed up, deceased and tattered to get the ghost man saw body clue.

Clue 3 – Next talk to the ghost woman sitting at the tombstone and she will tell you about the body at the water.

Clue 4 – Next talk to the ghost in the stripped shirt and he will also point out the body.

Clue 5 – Go to the bushes near the washed up body and inspect them to figure out it’s to dark to see anything.

Clue 6 – Talk to Joy and she will check the bush and pull out a rope. Inspect the rope to get a choice option and choose the pattern of victims death.

After that talk to joy and of course demons will appear.

Clue 7 – You get a clue after talking to Joy about the ghost girl that is following you around.

After you finally make it to the girl you will have to find another clue. Check the tree near her and focus on it.

Clue 8 – Pick the crack on the tree to get a cut scene and get the clue.

After that keep grabbing the girls hand and you will get the remaining clues. After that return to Joy and complete the case.

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