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Murdered Soul Suspect Church Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Church Guide

Once you make it to the church you will have to find the witness. The church is large and there are a few demons scattered around so be ready for a fight. This guide will get you up to the roof so you can complete the case. Let’s get started.

Church Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Church Case

Once you enter the church you need to find out where the witness is hiding out at. On the right side of the room you can reveal the priest and the witness and interact with the point. Choose the church in order to find out where she is.

After you find out she is on the roof you will have to get up there. Go to the back of the church and there will be two demon points you cannot pass on your own. Use the guy vacuuming by possessing him and waiting for him to pass over the demon spot. Once he is past leave him and you will avoid the demon area.

Once you get past the demon floor you will get a cut scene with a cat jumping out of the attic window. You have to find the cat in order to get up to the attic. First things first find the demon in the area and kill it so it can’t get in your way. After that head to the kitchen in the back and you can possess the cat. Take the cat back to the area you saw him jump out of the window and use the ledge to get to the attic. Once you are up top get out of the cat and walk through the door to find the girl.

Possess her and pick the searching killer to figure out what she knows. After the cut scene ask her all the questions to get some extra clues about the murder. After that you have to get back out of the attic so use the cat to jump down. Leave the cat and walk back towards where the guy was using the vacuum for a brief cut scene. Poltergeist the vacuum and when the priest comes possess him and use him to get back over the demon floor.

Once you are in the main part of the church use the birds to distract the demons and kill them. After they are dead leave the church. Outside choose the Witness’s mother note to figure out where you have to go next.

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