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Murdered Soul Suspect Gala Case Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Gala Case Guide

After everything wraps up at that asylum you will have to go to a gala for another case. While here you will be looking for any clues connected to your murder. This guide will help you get through the case one your first try. Let’s get started.

Gala Case

Murdered Soul Suspect Gala Case

After the cut scene the case will start.

Clue 1 – Inspect the stockade in the museum you you will get your first clue. It’s the wooden thing they would lock people in and let other people throw tomatoes at them.

Clue 2 – Inspect the panting of the large house to the get judgement house clue.

Clue 3 – Go focus on the rock and pick the blood stain to get a brief cut scene and the clue demonic contract.

Clue 4 – Inspect the hanging platform and and focus in on the trap door for your next clue.

Clue 5 – If you go around the wall you can see two more exhibits and one is a witch burning stake. Pick tortured, burned to death and Rose.

Clue 6 – Up on the trail podium there is a table with some papers on it. Check the papers on the table for another clue.

Clue 7 – Lastly check the chair hanging from the rope to analyze it. You have to be like right under the chair to be able to click it. Pick drown, water and Sophia.

After that you can conclude investigation and figure out he is using witch hunting methods to kill victims. Next you will have to get to the restoration room. When you try to get there a ghost train will pop up and if you get hit by it you will die. Use teleport to go between cover points and avoid the train. Once you make it to the restoration room you will have another case to solve.

Restoration Room

Gala Case Guide

Most of the clues have lights shining on them.

Clue 1 – Check the big anchor near the start of the room for your first clue.

Clue 2 – Inside the main room there are a ton of wooden tables with lights pointing on them. One of the wooden tables has a scroll on it and that is another clue.

Clue 3/4 – On another wooden table you can find a gavel and notebook that are both clues.

Clue 5/6 – On a third wooden table you can find a picture and some necklaces for more clues. Pick the crystal necklace when you inspect the necklaces.

Clue 7 – Check the newspapers clippings on the board near the wooden tables, check them for a clue.

Clue 8 – Check the boat speed control lever near the wooden crates for another clue. I’m not 100% sure what that thing is actually called.

Clue 9 – Check the scope near the cannon for another clue.

Clue 10 – The cannon is also a clue.

Clue 11 – There is a picture of a judge near that cannon that counts as a clue.

Clue 12 – In the back corner, behind some shelves you will find a picture that gives you a clue.

Clue 13 – There is a large barrel of wine near the ship speed controls that also counts as a clue.

Clue 14 – Near the board with the news paper clippings there is a ship steering wheel on the table in the dark. Check it out to get your last clue.

Now you can find the answer to the case. Pick the symbol on the painting, Bell killer targets are mediums and Puratan mediums are witches. After that you will have to pick Baxter in museum, Baxter hide the book and Baxter looking for the girl.

After that exit the museum and you will beat the case.

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