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Murdered Soul Suspect Ghost Girl Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Ghost Girl Guide

It doesn’t take long for you to get an investigation during your first case. You have some unfinished business to take care of before you can leave the area. This guide will help you ace the investigation on your first try!

Ghost Girl Instigation

Murdered Soul Suspect Ghost Girl Case

After the girl tells you what will happen if you don’t finish your business here you will go back to your body. After a cut scene it will be time for you to find clues and solve the case.

Clue 1 – Shattered glass near your body is the first clue you can find, just inspect it to unlock it.

Clue 2 – Next clue is you, inspect your body.

Clue 3 – The pistol on the ground is your gun and the third clue.

Clue 4 – Check the number 4 to get the cigarette clue.

Clue 5 – Then the bullet casings at 5 are your 5th clue.

Clue 6 – There are two cops chatting around the 5 on the floor so possess one to use eavesdrop to get a brief cut scene and the Bell Killer clue.

Clue 7 – Possess the woman with the blonde hair talking to the police officer and use influence on her. Pick the Bell Killer to get the Killer’s intention clue.

Clue 8 – Lastly possess the officer in the white uniform looking at the notebook and use peek. You need to pick one of the three choices so pick the third, only weapons on the scene belonged to Ronan.

After that complete the investigation and head into the apartment building.

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